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Office of Student Affairs (for Graduate Students)

Mission Statement


The UCLA Electrical Engineering Office of Graduate Student Affairs (EE OGSA) supports graduate students in achieving their educational goals by providing student-centered services and facilitating activities and opportunities that enhance and encourage graduate student success.  The dedicated EEOGSA staff strives to provide excellent services to prospective and current students; faculty; staff; alumni; and university colleagues.  While upholding University and Departmental policies, we focus on student needs and strive to work efficiently and effectively to continually improve the services and programs we offer.


What We Do

  • Share and uphold departmental and university policies & procedures with prospective applicants, current students, faculty, and the public
  • Process applications and admission for the on campus EE graduate programs
  • Counsel current EE graduate students
  • Prepare and coordinate paperwork for current EE graduate students
  • Process departmental fellowship offers and awards
  • Assign and manage Teaching Assistant opportunities
  • Host New Graduate Student Orientation, Graduate Student Open House, and various workshops
  • Facilitate the PhD Preliminary Exam
  • Monitor student progress-to-degree
  • Assist with various activities regarding faculty advising, student time-to-degree, and dossier validations
  • Coordinate textbook orders for the department
  • And other student affairs activities


Contact Information


    UCLA Electrical Engineering
    Office of Graduate Student Affairs
    420 Westwood Plaza
    57-127 Engineering IV Building
    Box 951594
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594

    Fax: +1.310.267.2589


NOTE: Due to the large volume of applications that the Electrical Engineering Department receives and the number of students that we serve, the Office of Graduate Student Affairs does not respond to requests to review application eligibility nor application status inquiries via email, fax, phone, or regular mail. For additional information on graduate admissions, please visit the departmental "Admission to the UCLA Electrical Engineering Graduate Program" page.

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