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Advances in Clinical Voice Assessment

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When Nov 04, 2011
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where Tesla Room 53-125, Engineering IV Building
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Daryush Mehta

Harvard University


In this talk, I will provide an overview of advances our group has made on multiple fronts
to gain insight into voice production mechanisms and acoustic phonetics, with a particular
emphasis on clinical application. For clinical voice research, we have developed laryngeal
high-speed video-endoscopy systems with synchronous acquisition of acoustics, electro-
glottography, neck skin acceleration, and, in the most comprehensive setup, airflow and
intraoral pressure. Key results will be presented from computational modeling and in
vivo observations of source-filter coupling and the impact of vocal fold vibratory asymmetry
in subjects with and without voice disorders. Findings hold potential clinical significance by
revealing acoustic-physiological relationships that are difficult to observe using standard
stroboscopic imaging and that can be applied to long-term ambulatory monitoring of vocal
function. In addition, I will present results from statistical signal processing techniques to
address joint source-filter modeling and formant tracking problems.

Daryush Mehta is a Research Associate in Electrical Engineering in the School of Engineering
and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, an Assistant Biomedical Engineer at the Center
for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and
an Instructor in Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Daryush received his PhD in Speech and
Hearing Bioscience and Technology from Harvard–MIT (2010), Master's degree in Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science from MIT (2006), and Bachelor's degree in Electrical
Engineering from University of Florida (2003).

For more information contact Prof. Abeer Alwan (

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