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OCDM-Based Optical Encryption for Emerging 100 Gb/s DWDM Networks

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  • Visitor Seminars
When Oct 14, 2011
from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where 47-124 Engineering IV Building
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The ability to access and modify optical phase with high resolution is opening exciting new opportunities in the optical communications, optical signal processing, and RF-photonics arenas. Optical demultiplexing with a resolution better than 1 GHz allows overlay optical communications scenarios compatible with the existing transparent WDM optical networks. We here review the use of such high-resolution control of the optical phase of mode-locked laser frequency combs as an enabling technology for a new class of Optical Code Division Multiplexing (OCDM) systems. A network based on such systems is compatible with and has a comparable spectral efficiency to existing DWDM networks, and can even occupy the unused bandwidth of an existing single channel DWDM window. Through inverse multiplexing of 10 Gb/s tributaries we are demonstrating a security-enhanced optical transmission over metropolitan area at 40 Gb/s that is scalable to 100 Gb/s and beyond. Such photonic layer “security” (PLS) is offered through phase scrambling using integrated micro-ring resonator phase coders. This OCDM-based PLS is robust against exhaustive and archival attacks and can complement digital encryption at higher layers if need arises. This system exploits optical integration to support new applications where electronic encryption is impractical because of space, weight, power, availability, and cost requirements.


Dr. Shahab Etemad is a retired Chief Scientist and Director at Telcordia Technologies/Bellcore to which he moved at its inception from Bell Laboratories. Dr. Etemad has a B.Sc in Physics from Imperial College, London University and a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Pennsylvania. He has more than 35 years of academic and industrial experience in leading and managing research, development, and deployment of novel technologies. In recognition of his research contributions in optics including optical properties of 1-D semiconductors, photon localization, nonlinear optics and all optical switching in conjugated polymers, and applications of free electron lasers he was elected a Fellow of American Physical Society and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America. With the emergence of the EDFA as the workhorse of DWDM and optical networking technology he changed focus from research in all optical switching to development and deployment of this promising technology. His more than a decade long activities in providing technical support from laboratory testing to the first deployments of this technology by major carriers contributed to its successful transition from the laboratory to the commercial arena. More recently he has been the Principle Investigator of the multi-years Optical- CDMA and Optical Encryption projects funded by DARPA. Dr. Etemad is currently at PLS Networks focusing on commercialization of photonic layer security and a visiting scholar at Princeton University EE Department. .

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