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Scalable Synthesis of Graphene on Patterned Ni and Transistor Fabrication

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When Nov 29, 2011
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Where Engr IV - Faraday Room 67-124
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Yanjie Wang
Advisor: Prof. Jason Woo


In this talk, graphene growth and graphene transistor fabrication have been studied for high
frequency applications.

Graphene is considered as a promising electronic material in post-silicon electronics due to
its potential compatibility with planar technology while maintaining much of the transport
advantages of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). However, mass production of high quality graphene
on insulator substrate is a bottleneck for the practical application of graphene as an electronic
material. With the goal of overcoming these difficulties, this project investigates an approach
to mass product high quality graphene and corresponding transistors fabrication. Ni dots with
single or few grains were achieved by annealing. Single layer graphene with good crystalline
quality has been grown on Ni dots. The patterned graphene films were transferred to insulating
substrates by wafer bonding and etch back technique, which gives little mis-alignment,
low contamination as well as high yield. Graphene based field-effect transistors with self-
aligned buried gate were fabricated from the patterned graphene. The buried-gate graphene
transistor shows field-effect mobility of 6,100 cm2/V·s and 24,000 cm2/V·s before and after
subtraction of contact resistance. The extracted contact resistivity is around 10-6 Ωcm2. Peak
transconductance of 228 mS/mm were obtained at VD = 0.2 V for 1.5um gate length device. The
channel length of graphene transistors has been scaled down to 300nm. This result paves the
way for manufacturable high quality graphene transistor technology.

Yanjie Wang is a PhD candidate in the Electrical Engineering department at UCLA. He is a
member at UCLA COMS research Laboratory headed by Prof Jason Woo. He is interested in
graphene growth and transistor fabrication. He has MS degree and BS degree in Physics from
Peking University and Jilin University, China.

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