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Undergraduate Advising Week

The Electrical Engineering Department is proud of the accomplishments of its undergraduate student body and encourages its undergraduate students to participate in regular activities throughout the academic year and especially our freshman class. Every year, the department holds undergraduate advising during the second and third weeks of the quarter.

  • Who should attend? All undergraduate students are invited to the department. Freshmen students are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Which faculty members should I meet? In the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, every undergraduate student is assigned a faculty advisor by the HSSEAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs. The school requires all students to meet at least once a year with their advisors. Electrical engineering faculty will be available for these meetings during the Undergraduate Advising Week.
  • How do I find the schedule of the participating faculty? Participating faculty members will be available for a total of 4 hours during the week. The schedules of the faculty members will be posted online in the CourseWeb. Faculty will be expecting student visits during these open hours.
  • What can I learn from my meetings with the faculty? Students should use this opportunity to learn about the department, the discipline, research opportunities, graduate school, industry internships, etc. Students are welcome to talk to the faculty members about their educational and research interests and to seek their input and advice as necessary. Use this opportunity to become an active member of our larger community.


For more information, visit the Office of Academic and Student Affairs website.

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