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Fast Track Program Requirements
(For students entering in Fall 2016)

  • The Fast Track student will maintain an aggregate GPA of at least 3.3 at the end of each academic year.
  • If a student fails to be in good standing at the end of the year, he/she will be placed on probaIon for two quarters. If the student fails to improve his/her GPA to above 3.3 he/she will be dropped from the fast track program.
  • The FT students must take certain honors classes that will be offered each year. To complete the FT program the student will have completed a total of at least 30 honors course units. These classes are as follows:
  • Freshman Year: At least 1 (2 preferred) out of Physics 1AH, 1BH and 1CH (Physics 1BH preferred); and EE96. Sophomore Year: EE 102, EE2 and EE10/11L
  • Junior Year EE 110/111L and 1 addiIonal class to be determined. More classes are expected to be added to this list.
  • In the sophomore and Junior years those Fast Track students with an aggregate GPA of 3.5 will be given preference for Paid Summer Internships with EE faculty or with industry. While every effort will be made to place the fast-­‐track students in the “summer research experience for the undergraduates” (REU) program, the EE department does not guarantee placement for all the students.

Professor Chandrashekhar (Chan) Joshi is the faculty mentor for the Fast Track Group. He meets the students once every month to discuss academic and/or social issues and advise students on career opportunities.

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