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Prof. Yao's Acoustic Beam-forming Project Application Commended in Journal of Applied Ecology

A paper entitled Acoustic Monitoring in Terrestrial Environments using Microphone Arrays: Applications, Technological Considerations and Prospectus collaborated by Dan Blumstein, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and PI of a NSF grant together with Prof. Kung Yao (EE) and 10 other co-authors of bio-complexity ecologists researchers was featured in the May 2011 issue of Journal of Applied Ecology. The paper won the Editor's Choice award for the issue on Technological Development and Their Associated Opportunities in Animal Ecology: Microphone Arrays as an Example.

Prof. Yao and Dr. Ralph E. Hudson have been working on the acoustic beam-forming and its implementation on multiple platforms for 15 years. A recent project under NSF grant with PhD students Andreas Ali and Lew Girod working together with animal ecologists, allows them to a non-invasive research in hostile environment to collect useful bio-complexity data with the use of the bio-acoustic monitoring equipment. The results would help ecologists understand animal movement and density in the global environmental change.

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