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UCLA HSSEAS and NTU' s Optics Division Joint Seminar

The Electrical Engineering Department of UCLA HSSEAS and National Taiwan University's Optics Division are having a joint seminar to provide linkage for the enhancement of education, research and resources of their faculty and students.  This experience will broaden horizon for both universities with new methods and innovations from the east and the continuous research achievements from the west-side. The combined knowledge and experience from both campuses, will effect to the attainment of new heights in research and cutting-edge inventions for man’s convenience and life preservation.

Professors, students and professionals are invited to join this first initiative.


10:00     Welcome Remarks from the Chairs: M.C. Frank Chang and Wanjiun Liao

11:00     Evolution of Photonic Time Stretch: From Analog to Digital Conversion to Blood Screening    By: Prof. Bahram Jalali, UCLA
 11:15    Toward Low-Cost Solar Cells By: Prof. Ching-Fuh Lin, NTU
 11:30    Surface Science to Device Engineering in Organic Optoelectronics By: Prof. Chih-I Wu, NTU
 11:45    Photothermal Nanoblade for Single Cell Surgery and Cargo Delivery By: Asst. Prof. Eric Chiou, UCLA
 12:00    Nanopillar-based Photonic Crystal Lasers:  A Bottom-up Approach to Photonic Integration  By: Mr. Adam Scofield, UCLA

12:15     Lunch Break
 1:30       Numerical Modeling Work on Nitride Based LEDs and Nanowire Transistors By: Asst. Prof. Yuh-Renn Wu, NTU
 1:45       Investigation of Ultraviolet ZnO Nanostructure Light Emitting Diodes Prof. JianJang (J. J.) Huang, NTU 
 2:00       Lensfree On-Chip Microscopy for Global Health Applications By:Ting-Wei Su (The Ozcan Research Group) UCLA
 2:15       Interdisciplinary Studies on Wide Gap III-Nitrides, SiC, ZnO Semiconductors, Advanced Materials and Quantum/Nano Structures By: Prof. Zhe Chuan Feng, NTU
 2:30       Photovoltaic Devices Employing Nanotechnology for Photon Management By: Prof.  Jr-Hau He, NTU

2:45        Concluding Remarks

3: 00       Lab Tour

                Chair M.-C. Frank Chang

                Professor Bahram Jalali

                Professor Benjamin Williams

                Ting-Wei Su for Professor Ozcan

                Professor Robert Candler

                Dr. Baolai Liang for Professor Diana Huffaker


When:  August 19, 2011 at 10am-4pm

Where: UCLA 420 Westwood Plaza, Engineering IV Bldg., Shannon Conference Room 54-134

RSVP to due to limited seats.v

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