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Emeritus Prof. Francis Chen's Helicon Source for Poly Etch

Francis Chen

Emeritus Francis Chen has been invited by a leading company based in Asia, to build a proto-type his helicon source for poly etch. For a decade, Professor Chen’s Low Plasma Technology Laboratory (LTPTL) has extensive research to understand the physical in plasma generators for improved performance and reduced raditation damage.  For instance, the helicon source can produce denser plasmas with less radiofrequency (RF) power. Application of plasma physics are normally to space exploration and controlled fusion but on the consumer level, it is applied to the manufacturing of propeller blades, automobile bumpers and potato chip bags, camera lenses and synthetic diamonds.  The most important practical use of plasmas is, however, in the manufacture of semiconductor ICs, particularly computer chips. 

Prof. Chen is a plasma physicist with a career extending over 56 years and encompassing both experiment and theory.  Recently he published a book entitled An Indispensable Truth on how fusion can save the planet which was critically reviewed in Physics Today by Rob Goldstron, former director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and includes an interview with Professor Chen.  Visit LTPTL to read more on Professor Chen’s interesting research.

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