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Professor Henry Samueli Wins 2012 Marconi Prize

samueli.jpgProf. Henry Samueli has been selected as the sole recipient of the 2012 Marconi Prize for his pioneering role in the development of broadband semiconductors.  The coveted prize is awarded to an individual who has lasting contributions to the development of communication science for the benefit of mankind. 

Prof. Samueli’s passion in communications had shown roots from his younger years when he ventured to assemble a radio system for a school project far above the expectations among his peers.   While at UCLA for his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, he sought and took advance graduate courses.   He then pursued graduate studies and continued to impress his advisor, Prof. Alan Willson, when he always provided alternative solutions to various technical challenges.  For Professor Willson, Henry Samueli was an exceptional undergrad student and an advisors’s dream grad student.  Looking back, Prof. Henry Samueli has always been ahead of the game.

While working for TRW, Prof.  Samueli was invited as a visiting lecturer at UCLA then eventually went full time and rose up to full professor.  According to Prof. Willson, Prof.  Samueli was well loved by his students.  It is at UCLA where Broadcom started to take form when he met co-founder Dr. Henry Nicholas, his then grad student.   Through their partnership, passion and determination Broadcom was able to deliver innovative products and firmly establish Broadcom as the major worldwide provider of semiconductors for various communication applications.

Prof. Samueli continuously goes a step ahead not just in technology but by investing in the educational system for future engineers.  He has greatly contributed to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science to both University of California in Los Angeles and Irvine which carries his name. 

The Marconi Society was first established in 1974 by Gioia Marconi Braga in honor of her father the 1909 Nobel Laureate, Gulielmo Marconi.   Mrs. Braga characterized the Fellowship as " that it does not reward a person for intellectual achievements alone, but seeks to recognize and sustain those spiritual aspirations that a creative thinker may wish to apply to the establishment of a better world in which to live."

The Marconi Prize will be awarded on September 6, 2012 at the Marconi Automotive Museum in the Tustin Ca.  During the day, there would be technology symposia to be held at Beckman Center in UC Irvine. 

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