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Home News News Archive 2013 Professor Aydogan Ozcan is Elected Fellow of The Optical Society

Professor Aydogan Ozcan is Elected Fellow of The Optical Society

AydoganOzcanProfessor Aydogan Ozcan has been elected Fellow of The Optical Society for his pioneering contributions to computational imaging, sensing and holography technologies and instrumentation impacting bio-photonics and its applications to telemedicine and global-health. 

His creation of a portable holographic lens-less microscopy with the use of smart phones has catapulted his research to various applications in addressing vital health issues especially in the resource limited remote communities. Professor Ozcan’s research accomplishments have drawn attention and commendation from peers, the government and the industry.  His latest research finding on imaging of single nano-particle or virus appeared in this month’s issue of Scientific America and Big Think.

The Optical Society is the premiere assembly of educating scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders, committed in excellence and long-term learning for all its initiatives.  The Society was founded nearly a hundred years ago as The Optical Society of America and later evolved and opened its affiliation to the rest of the world.  OSA will celebrate its 100th

anniversary in 2016.




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