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Professor Aydogan Ozcan is Named Chancellor’s Professor

AydoganOzcanProfessor Aydogan Ozcan has been named the Chancellor’s Professor by the Dean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.  This distinction is bestowed upon faculty members who have obtained international recognition as an educator of exemplary ability as shown by his distinguished achievements of the highest level in teaching, research and service.

Professor Ozcan’s extensive research and seminal contributions in the development of smart phone-based lens-free microscopy has attracted attention and commendation from his peers, the industry and government agencies.  He has conceived a powerful solution to address global health issues by use of compact and low-cost apparatus for societies with limited resources.   The premier recognition he received for his research was the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2011. 

His early research involved monitoring and characterization of micro-particles such as blood cells through holographic imaging which allowed detecting and diagnosing infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.  The same principle was used to test water quality.  His research then evolved to creation of a high accuracy level crowd-sourcing platform to diagnose malaria during scarcity or unavailability of medical practitioners.  The research team discovered the ribbon-like movement of horse and human sperm cells which may contribute to a better understanding of its nature and its relation to fertilization.  Recently, the research team has invented a handy common kidney testing device.

Professor Ozcan has attracted a growing number of graduate and undergraduate students in his research team.  At an early age, his young undergraduate researchers are involved in substantial research and write papers together with the graduate students intended for publication in journals of professional societies.

Through his research, Professor Ozcan, together with his partners, founded Holomic LLC in 2011, an institution which commercializes advanced bio-photonics technologies invented by Professor Ozcan's research group at UCLA.  It is the mission of the company to produce and distribute portable, inexpensive and high quality microscopes for telemedicine and address global health issues.

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