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2013-2014 Electrical Engineering Outstanding Student Awards


Outstanding Bachelor of Science Degree
Tiancheng Zhao


Christina Huang Memorial Prize
Jingtao Xia


Outstanding Master's Research in Physical & Wave Electronics
Zhi Yao
Advisor:  Ethan Wang


Outstanding Master's Research in Circuits & Embedded Systems
Mark Gottscho
Advisor:  Puneet Gupta


Outstanding PhD Dissertation in Signals & Systems
Harish Arsikere
“On the Role of Subglottal Acoustics in Height Estimation, and Speech and Speaker Recognition”
Advisor:  Abeer Alwan


Outstanding PhD Dissertation in Physical & Wave Electronics
Arthur Densmore
“Algorithms for Rapid Characterization and Optimization of Aperture and Reflector Antennas”
Advisor:  Yahya Rahmat-Samii

YuanFangLi Outstanding PhD Dissertation in Circuits & Embedded Systems
Fang-Li Yuan
“Energy-Efficient VLSI Architectures for Next-Generation Software-Defined and Cognitive Radios”
Advisor:  Dejan Markovic

Henry Samueli Outstanding Teaching Awards

Mostafa Majidpour Lecture Course: Mostafa Majidpour

Arthur Densmore Laboratory Course: Arthur Densmore

Richard Dorrance Graduate Course: Richard Dorrance


Photographs by Mandy Smith


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