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2014-15 New Broadcom Fellowship Recipients

In the second year of this program, UCLA EE and The Broadcom Foundation are proud to announce the new cohort of Broadcom Fellows in circuit/system designs.  The fellowship selection committee identifies five graduate students with the most innovative technology research concept.  The selected proposals should promise a compelling impact, enabling systems in new and even unforeseen ways.

This year’s Fellows are:

Ming-Shuan Chen

Project: Alleviating the On-Chip Wire Problem Using Linear Equalization
Advisor: Professor Chih-Kong Ken Yang

Boyu Hu

Project: Re-configurable Compressive-Sensing Analog-to-Information Converter
Advisor: Prof. M.-C. Frank Chang


Qaiser Nehal
Project:  Adjacent-channel Blocker Suppression in Cognitive Radio Receivers
Advisor: Prof. Asad Abidi

Yuta Toriyama
Project: A Cost-Effective, High-Performance Decoder for Non-Binary LDPC Codes

Advisor: Professor Dejan Marković


Hao Xu

Project: A 5GS/s 10bit 100mW Comparator-based Single Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter
Advisor: Professor Asad Abidi


The Broadcom Fellowship Program will hold a Kick-off Meeting on February 19, 2014, 10:00 a.m. in the Tesla Room. Fellows will describe details of their projects and what gives them a competitive edge.  The event will be graced by Broadcom’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. Henry Samueli and some of its top engineers who will serve as project mentors. BroadcomFoundation






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