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Prof. Huffaker Becomes an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Diana HuffakerProfessor Diana Huffaker has been selected by IEEE as a Distinguished Lecturer for year 2015 in the area of photonic devices. As a Distinguished Lecturer, Prof. Huffaker will help lead the Photonics Society in technical developments that will shape the global community through lecture and networking at various society and technical council meetings.

Professor Huffaker’s research interests lie in the broad study of directed and self-assembled nanostructure solid-state epitaxy, optoelectronic devices including solar cells and III-V/Si photonics. She is the director of the Integrated NanoMaterials Core Lab in the California NanoSystems Institute which explores "bottom-up" approach and novel devices architecture using nanomaterial and organic/inorganic interfaces to realize new device functionality.IEEEPhotonics




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