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Prof. Ozcan is featured in the Smithsonian Magazine

AydoganOzcanThe Smithsonian magazine is featuring Professor Aydogan Ozcan in its May issue including the extensive applications of his telemedicine instrument, the lens-less scope attached to a smartphone, and his mobile health-related work. The article written by Ariel Sabar also appears online in the Smithsonian.

Ariel Sabar met with Prof. Ozcan in his UCLA laboratory where he was introduced to a showcase of the evolution of the holographic imaging devices in their various applications.  Furthermore, he had a first-hand experience in using the device to test the mercury level in Marina del Rey.  Sabar also met with graduate researchers and a UCLA medical doctor, who collaborates with Professor Ozcan.

The Smithsonian Institute was established in 1846 from the legacy of James Smithson, a British scientist, bequeathed to the United States with a vision “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men,” subject to a legislation signed by U.S. President James K. Polk.



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