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2012 ARR Posters

Circuits and Embedded Systems
Adjacent Channel Suppression for Cognitive Radio Receiver
Qaiser Nehal and Asad Abidi
CES - Qaiser Nehal - Adjacent Channel

Analysis of Layout Compatibility with Directed Self-Assembly
Yasmine Badr and Puneet Gupta
CES - Yasmine Badr - Analysis of Layout Compatibility

Android Privacy Framework for Context Driven Obfuscation of Sensor Data Streams
Supriyo Chakraborth, Kasturi Rangan Raghavan, Mani Srivastava, Harris Teague
CES - Surpiyo Chakraborty - Android Privacy Framework

A Blocker-Tolerant Wideband Noise-Cancelling Receiver with a 2dB Noise Figure
David Murphy12, Amr A. Hafez12, Ahmad Mirzaei1, Mohyee Mikhemar1, Hooman Darabi1, M.-C. Frank Chang2, Asad Abidi2Affiliations: 1Broadcom Corporation; 2UCLA Electrical Engineering
CES - David Murphy - Blocker Tolerant

CMOS Millimeter-wave Imaging Techniques
Adrian Tang, Gabriel Virbila and M.-C. Frank Chang
CES - Adrian Tang - CMOS Millimeter-wave

RedCooper: Power/performance sensor enabled experimental testbed
Liangzhen Lai, Bing Zhang, Lucas Wanner, Mani Srivastava and Puneet Gupta
CES - Liangzhen Lai - RedCooper

SlackProbe: A low overhead in situ performance monitoring methodology
Liangzhen Lai and Puneet Gupta
CES - Liangzhen Lai - SlackProbe

Towards Understanding Software Application Behaviour in Presence of Permanent Hardware Faults
Ankur Sharma and Puneet Gupta
CES - Ankur Sharma - Towards Understanding

ViPZonE: Power Variability-Aware Memory Management
Mark Gottscho and Prof. Puneet Gupta 
CES - Mark Gottscho - ViPZonE: Power Variability

Physical and Wave Electronics
Giga-Pixel Imaging on a Chip: High Numerical Aperature Lensfree Microscopy over a Wide Field-of-view
Wei Luo and Alon Greenbaum with Ahmet F. Coskun and Aydogan Ozcan
PWE - Wei Luo - Giga-Pixel Imaging

Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers Fabrication, Characterization, and Modeling
Luyao Xu, Zhijun Liu, Arkadiy Lyakh, Rowel Go, and Benjamin Williams
PWE - Luyao Xu - Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade

Variability in Emerging FET Technologies
Greg Leung and Chi On Chui
PWE - Greg Leung - Variability in Emerging FET

Signals and Systems
Analysis of Iterative Decoders under Processing Errors
Chu-Hsiang Huang, Sadegh Tabatabaei, and Lara Dolecek
SS - Chu-Hsiang Huang - Iterative Decoders

Combinatorial Analysis of Absorbing Sets and Their Impact on Practical Decoders
Behzad Amiri and Lara Dolecek
SS - Behzad Amiri - Combinatorial Analysis

Experimental Analysis of Cyclostationary Detectors under Cyclic Frequency Offsets
Eric Rebeiz, Paulo Urriza, and Danijela Cabric
SS - Eric Rebeiz - Experimental Analysis

Multiple Antenna Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensing Based on the Cyclic Correlation Significance Test
Paulo Urriza, Eric Rebeiz, and Danijela Cabric
SS - Paulo Urriza - Multiple Antenna

Optimal Relay Deployment for Robust Multihop Multicast Scheduling in Cellular Wireless Networks
Hung-Bin Chang and Izhak Rubin
SS - Hung-Bin Chang - Optimal Relay Deployment

Relay-Aided Failover in Wireless Networks using Adaptive Power and Rate Unicast Scheduling
Choo Chin Tan and Izhak Rubin
SS - Choo Chin Tan - Relay-Aided Failover

Tackling Intracell Variability Using New Error Correcting Codes
Ryan Gabrys, Eitan Yaakobi, and Lara Dolecek
SS - Ryan Gabrys - Tackling Intracell
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