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How to Reserve a Meeting Room?

  • Room reservations can only be made through the Chair's Assistant via Email or by phone at 310.825.2647
  • Check first the Conference Room Schedule online before you contact the Chair's Assistant.

    If the slot you need is not available, please ask your secretary or contract assistant (not the Chair's Assistant) to locate an alternative. Please do not ask the Chair's Assistant to contact the party who already has the room reserved and try to negotiate a move.

    If the schedule shows the time you wish to be open, please send an Email (rather than call) to the Chair's Assistant. Please be sure and include a complete description of what the use will be so that it can be listed on the schedule.
  • You should make your reservations at least two weeks in advance since as the conference rooms are always in high demand and last-minute reservations are extremely difficult to accommodate.
  • The following priority procedure is applied to the three meeting rooms 53-135E, 57-124, and 67-124:
    1. Regular Scheduled Classes w/no Assigned Rooms
    2. Faculty Meetings (monthly)
    3. Faculty Recruitment Seminars
    4. Funding Agency Site Visits
    5. Non-Recruitment Seminars
    6. Department Faculty Committee Meetings
    7. Major Area Meetings
    8. Make-up or Demonstration Class Meeting (one time only)
    9. Weekly Research Group Meetings w/Faculty or PI
    10. Student Organizations
    11. Other Department Meeting
  • A special procedure is followed for reserving the department's Main Seminar Room (54-134).
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