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Procedure for Cleaning Faculty Offices and Laboratories

  • Facilities Management empties trash receptacles each night; they also periodically mop excess dirt from floors and dust furniture.
  • In order to have a faculty office thoroughly cleaned, a Service Request is required:
    • Submit a request by e-mail to Gershwin Mason, the Facilities Manager in the department. The requester must provide an account/re-charge ID number and a description of the service they need.
    • Mr. Mason then submits a request to either Facilities Management or Building Services Department. Facilities Management can perform all requested works. However, the Building Services Department is limited in the services they can provide such as:
      • Vacuum spaces
      • Strip and wax laboratory floors
      • Sweep and mop office floors
      • Shampoo carpets
  • Once the request is submitted, it takes approximately 1-2 business days for the request to reach the office of the service provider.
  • After the service provider receives the Work Order Ticket, Mr. Mason in the department is contacted for work scheduling and area access. He then contacts the requester and provides the name of the service provider who will perform the work and their available times.
  • Work is then scheduled based on the times agreed upon by the service provider and the faculty member.
  • Note: Under Union Contract rules, stripping and waxing of faculty offices can only be performed by the Facilities Management Floor Service Department, and they only perform this service at night.
  • To obtain an estimated cost for any service, an account and or re-charge number must be provided by the requester.
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