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Procedure for Using and Maintaining the Department's Main Seminar Room/Shannon Room

(Adopted in January 2007)

General Guidelines

  • Three staff members are responsible for ensuring that the Main Seminar Room is well maintained, always clean and ready-for-use and, above all, secure. The staff members are:
    • The Facilities Manager
      Responsible for securing the room, keeping it ready for use, ensuring the equipment is functional, and be present at the beginning of events to assist with equipment as needed.
    • The Assistant to the Chairman
      Responsible for scheduling events according to department policy, making sure the event hosts understand their responsibilities, making sure the room is unlocked and locked as necessary, and making sure the room is ready for use.
    • The Department Manager
      Responsible for ensuring that the department procedure and guidelines are being followed.
  • Only the above three staff members and the Department Chairman hold a key to the Main Seminar Room/Shannon Room. Keys are not issued to other individuals.
  • The Main Seminar Room can only be reserved/used during normal business hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • The Main Seminar Room/Shannon Room should always remain locked except when there is a scheduled function.
  • When there is a scheduled function, the room should be opened 15 minutes prior to the function and should be locked immediately following the completion of the function. The staff member in charge of securing the room is responsible for ensuring that the room is open at the required times and locked afterwards. The staff member in charge of scheduling is responsible for ensuring that the room is ready for use.
  • The seminar room should never be left unattended when open. One of the staff members should stay in the room once it is open until the event host (faculty member) is present. The event host is responsible for the well being of the room during its use.
  • The event host should be informed to lock the seminar room once the function is completed. A staff member should visit the seminar room prior to the completion of the event to ensure that
    • The equipment is properly turned off.
    • The chairs are re-arranged back to their regular positions.
    • The room is clean.
    • The room is properly locked.
  • The seminar room can only be used with the presence of a department staff member who has been trained to use the electronic equipment. The staff member in charge of securing the room should be present at least until after 5 minutes of the beginning of the seminar to assist with the equipment as needed.
  • No food is allowed inside the seminar room.
  • An FSR must be applied to clean the room for every use.  This woulld apply to both the Shannon and Tesla Rooms.


An event with less than 40 attendees should use the department's other seminar rooms (53-135E, 57-124/Maxwell Room, and 67-124/Faraday Room). Exceptions to the rules below require approval by the Department Chairman. The Main Seminar Room can be used for the following electrical engineering events:

  1. Seminar Series.
  2. Faculty Meetings.
  3. Recruitment Seminars.
  4. Regular Seminars or Events with over 40 Attendees.
  5. Workshops.
  6. Industry Events hosted by a Faculty Member.
  7. Graduate Admission Meetings.
  8. Annual Research Reviews.
  9. Town Hall Meetings.
  10. Department Orientations for Students.

Overflow Room

The seating capacity of the Main Seminar Room should not be exceeded. For larger events, Room 57-124/Maxwell Room should be used as an overflow room. Happenings in the Main Seminar Room are delivered (sound and picture) through projection into room 57-124/Maxwell Room.


The Main Seminar Room/Shannon Room allows to tape and webcast seminars when necessary.


Requests to schedule events should be submitted for approval to the Chair's Assistant by completing a reservation request form. Each request should identify the event host (a faculty member) who will be responsible for the room during the event, the nature and name of the event, the time window, the expected number of attendees, and whether the event will involve food serving.

Following an event, the faculty host should make sure that:

  • All equipment is turned off.
  • The room is locked.
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