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Vacation and LOA Procedure for Department Staff

(Adopted March 2008)

The following departmental procedure for vacation or leave of absence (LOA) request is necessary to clarify whether an employee is present or absent, what type of leave the employee is taking, when and for how long the leave is taken, and whom to contact during the employee's absence. In consultation with the UCLA Office of Human Resources, the department has developed a LOA form to assist staff with this matter. The department kindly requests that each staff member complete and submit the form in anticipation of a vacation or leave of absence by following the procedure below:

  • The employee fills out and signs the form, then obtains the supervisor's signature.
  • The employee submits the form to the department's Office of Human Resources (Rachelle Reamkitkarn or Ilhee Choi) for signature.
  • After HR approval, the employee is provided with a copy of the form.
  • The Staff Personnel Office (Rachelle Reamkitkarn) retains the original.
  • For the department administrative staff only: Please enter the information into the on-line vacation calendar.


  • The form applies to a leave for one or more daysmore than one day.
  • The approvals must be obtained prior to the leave. Leaves for more than five consecutive business days require at least one week's notice, if possible.

Useful References

Please refer to the following websites regarding UC vacation policy and procedures:

UC Staff Personnel Manual

UC Staff Personnel Procedure, Article 41 on Vacation Time

CUE Union Agreement, Article 44 on Vacation Time

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