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Add/Drop Course Policy for Graduate Students

(Adopted June 24, 2008 following approval by faculty vote)

The Electrical Engineering Department takes seriously its responsibility to provide academic advice for its graduate students. The Department, through careful scheduling of its courses and advising, provides its students with the ability to complete course work as expeditiously as possible and, thereby, provides its students with the ability to complete degree requirements in a timely fashion. Because UCLA is a publically supported institution, the Department's responsibilities take on added importance.

The Department asks its graduate students to cooperate in the execution of these responsibilities.

The following is intended to encourage Electrical Engineering students to seek the Department's advice, as well as the advice of the student's advisor, especially when a student is seeking to drop courses relatively late in the quarter.

In particular, the Electrical Engineering Department requires:

  • Students should enroll in graduate courses no later than the end of the second week of classes.
  • Students should not drop graduate courses after the fourth week of classes.
  • If a student, for good reason, needs an exception to this policy, he/she may submit a petition to the Department's Office of Student Affairs.

If the student proceeds without the Department's approval of the petition, there are consequences that the student should be aware of. These may include, but are not limited to, approvals for TA positions, fellowships, GSR positions, Leaves of Absence petitions, and subsequent enrollment in the course that has been inappropriately dropped.

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