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Department Policy on Graduate Admission Deferment

(Adopted June 24, 2008 following approval by faculty vote)

In general, the Electrical Engineering Department is unable to entertain requests for deferment of admissions into its Graduate Program. Exceptions are allowed in the following situations and require the approval of the Vice-Chair of Graduate Affairs:

  • Request for admission deferment due to visa and medical problems. Upon documentation of such problems and recommendation by the faculty advisor. Deferment of admission up to three academic quarters may be allowed.
  • Request for admission deferment by newly admitted students into the MS or PhD programs due to pressing special circumstances. Upon proper justification and recommendation by the faculty advisor. Deferment of admission up to three academic quarters may be allowed.

In case of such deferment, the academic clock for various deadlines starts from the quarter that the student actually joins the program. However, the Department will in general not be able to delay the timeframe of any Fellowship or Teaching Assistantships awarded at the time of admissions, and the student will lose such award for the Quarters through which the admission is deferred. This will adversely affect the amount of Department support shown on the I-20 form.

Admitted students who do not meet the criteria for admission deferment may renew their application for the next academic year's admission cycle. Upon the application for admission opening for the new admissions cycle, students must go through the process of completing the application. There is a question in the process that asks if the application is a new or renewal application. These applicants should choose renewal (Renewal applications are not charged an application fee and must be completed the year following the original paid application). All posted deadlines must be met. It is a student's responsibility to renew his/her application by the posted deadline. Students may be asked to resubmit some documents, but not all documents will be required for resubmission. It is important that students understand that admission for the renewed application is NOT guaranteed. Renewal applicants are considered for admission with the new applicant pool.

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