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Department Policy on Transfer from another UCLA Department

(Adopted October 2007)

Transfers from another UCLA Department are largely treated like admissions, and will be handled as below:

  • The request for transfer must include the original application file based on which the student was admitted to UCLA, as well as all the transcripts detailing academic performance at UCLA since admission. The UCLA GPA must be > 3.0 for MS students, and > 3.5 for Ph.D. students.
  • Students transferring to the same degree level in Electrical Engineering as in the original department must not have been at that degree level in the original department for more than one year. Ph.D. students must not have advanced to candidacy in the original department, and will be required to pass the Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Preliminary Examination.
  • A nomination letter from a Sponsoring Faculty in the Department must accompany the application file. The Sponsoring Faculty needs to commit to be the student's advisor.
  • The Sponsoring Faculty must commit to at least one year of GSR support, or the student must have some external Fellowship, Scholarship, or Employer Support. Self-funded students will not be considered.
  • The Sponsoring Faculty should obtain a second letter of evaluation from another Department faculty with expertise in the relevant Area, and approval for admission from the Area Director.
  • Subject to approval by the Vice-Chair of Graduate Affairs, the student may transfer course work done at UCLA before the transfer to Electrical Engineering, provided the courses are graduate level regular courses from Electrical Engineering or closely related areas and have not already been counted towards another degree. The courses to be transferred must be indicated clearly in the transfer request. If any course work is transferred, the relevant academic clocks specified by the Electrical Engineering Department regulations will be considered to have started from the time of admission to the current degree program in the original department.

Please note that the clock for various academic milestones will start from the quarter that the student starts in Electrical Engineering (unless it starts earlier because of transfer of courses). Careful consideration should be given to the fact that the Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Preliminary Examination is offered only during April of every year, and the student must pass the examination by the end of the sixth academic quarter (two academic years) in the program. Extension of this deadline will not be granted on account of complications due to transfer into Electrical Engineering.

Further, please note that the Department will not be able to consider Fellowship support for such transferees unless they apply for regular admissions for a Fall start in Electrical Engineering. If the Sponsoring Faculty is a new faculty member wishing to make use of student fellowship from the startup package, he/she will need to wait till the next Fall to do so. For all other cases, the student will not be eligible for Fellowship funds reserved for new admissions either at the time of admission or the next Fall.

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