Welcome to UCLA Electrical Engineering! We are committed to preparing the next generation of leaders in technology and innovation by offering dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs with a focus on “Learning by Building”, incorporating hands-on experience in addition to the traditional classroom setting. Our faculty, experts in their fields, and their students are leading cutting-edge research in exciting fields such as design automation for computer systems; energy-efficient digital architectures and circuits; neuroengineering; electromagnetics; photonics; nanoelectronics and solid-state devices; communications and networking; signal processing; control and decision systems; and information, computation and optimization theory.

For a snapshot of our activities from the past academic year, please take a look at our Annual Report.

The field of electrical engineering brings together the cyber, physical, and biomedical domains, greatly impacting the world as we know it – from enabling portable devices such as smartphones and tablets to creating low-cost medical diagnostic equipment which can improve the lives of people all around the world. Whether you are a current student, parent, alum, industry or government partner, or if you are looking to join the UCLA Electrical Engineering community, I hope we will inspire you to think creatively and innovate. I look forward to our future interactions.

Professor Gregory J. Pottie, Chair