Annual Research Review 2018

Annual Research Review 2019

Program at a glance

8:00am – 8:30amRegistration/Breakfast [Centennial CD]
8:30am – 8:55amChair’s and Dean’s welcome messages [Centennial AB]
8:55am – 9:25amA Sampling of Multi-disciplinary Research at UCLA [Centennial AB]
  1. UCLA Center for Heterogeneous Integration and Performance Scalling (CHIPS) – Subramanian Iyer
  2. Internet of Battlefield Things – Suhas Diggavi, Mani Srivastava and Paulo Tabuada
  3. UCLA Center on Development of Emerging Storage Systems (CoDESS) – Lara Dolecek and Richard Wesel
9:30am – 10:00amPlenary Talk, Dr. Paul Dietz, Misapplied Sciences, “My World” [ Centennial AB]
10:00am – 10:40amNew Faculty Spotlight [Centennial AB]
  • Sam Emaminejad
  • Ankur Mehta
  • Jonathan Kao
  • Aydin Babakhani
10:40am – 11:00amNetworking and Coffee [Centennial Pre-Function Area]
11:00am – 12:00pmParallel student talk sessions [Centennial AB, Pinnacle & Pathways]

Session 1. Medical Electronics

Session Chair:  Sanaz Pilehvar

Centennial AB

Session 2. Coding & Communications

Session Chair:  Izhak Rubin


Session 3. IoT

Session Chair:  Greg Pottie


11:00am – 11:20amEngineering Finger-Operated Peristaltic Pumps
Xin Li; Advisor: Chi On Chui
Context-aware Resiliency: Unequal Message Protection
Clayton Schoeny; Advisor: Lara Dolecek
Ultra-narrowband Networks for Massive IoT Modeling, Analysis and Design Insights
Ghaith Hattab; Advisor: Danijela Cabric
11:20am – 11:40am3D Microfluidic Wearable Platform for Biofluid Processing and Analysis
Haisong Lin; Advisor: Sam Emaminejad
Communications Networking for the Autonomous Highway System
Yulia Sunyoto; Advisor: Izhak Rubin
Software Defined Lightweight Memory Error Correction for IoT Devices
Irina Alam; Advisor: Puneet Gupta
11:40am – 12:00pmDesign of Low-Cost and Mobile Plasmonic Readers Using Machine Learning
Zach Ballard; Advisor: Aydogan Ozcan
Tracking Sparse mmWave Channel: Performance Analysis Under Intra-Cluster Angular Spread
Veljko Boljanovic; Advisor: Danijela Cabric
CoLo: A Simple and Portable Simulation Environment for Cooperative Localization
Shengkang Chen; Advisor: Ankur Mehta
12:00pm – 1:30pmLunch and plenary talk, James Carwana, VP Intel Sports [Centennial CD]
1:30pm – 2:30pmParallel student talk sessions [Centennial AB, Pinnacle & Pathways]

Session 4. Imaging Advances

Session Chair:  Boris Vaisband

Centennial AB

Session 5. Technologies for Wearables & Implants

Session Chair:  Cejo Konuparambar


Session 6. Privacy & Security

Session Chair:  Linqi Song


1:30pm – 1:50pmPhase Stretch Decomposition: Principles and Applications in Medical Imaging
Madhuri Suthar; Advisor: Bahram Jalali
Flex Trate ™ – an Integration Platform for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Goutham Ezhilarasu; Advisor: Subu Iyer
Featherweight Entity Authentication
Wei-Che Wang, Yair Yona, Yizhang Wu; Advisors: Suhas Diggavi, Puneet Gupta
1:50pm – 2:10pmHigh-throughput 3D Tracking of Sperm Cells Reveals Flagellar Beating Patterns and Head Spin
Mustafa U Daloglu; Advisor: Aydogan Ozcan
Powering Unit for Biomedical Implant Modules
Usama Anwar; Advisor: Dejan Markovic
Efficient Adversarial Attacks Against Machine Learning Models
Moustafa Alzantot; Advisor: Mani Srivastava
2:10pm – 2:30pmLearning-based Image Super-resolution
Sifeng He; Advisor: Bahram Jalali
Highly Sensitive Impedimetric Aptasensor for Wearable Detection of Hormones
Sanaz Pilhevar, Shuyu Lin, Hannaneh Hojaiji, Yichao Zhao; Advisor: Sam Emaminejad
Preserving Privacy While Broadcasting: k-Limited-Access Schemes
Mohammed Karmoose; Advisor: Christina Fragouli
2:30pm – 2:45pmNetworking and Coffee [Centennial Pre-Function Area]
2:45pm – 4:05pmParallel student talk sessions [Centennial AB, Pinnacle & Pathways]

Session 7. Modern Computing Systems

Session Chair:  Puneet Gupta

Centennial AB

Session 8. Advanced Electromagnetics

Session Chair:  Yahya Rahmat-Samii


Session 9. THz, Optical and Quantum Devices

Session Chair:  Wenting Wang


2:45pm – 3:05pmPackageless Processors
Saptadeep Pal; Advisor: Puneet Gupta
3D-Printed, Lightweight, Shaped and Engineered Material, Inhomogeneous Lens Antennas for Next Generation Spaceborne Weather Radar Satellites
Jordan Budhu; Advisor: Yahya Rahmat-Samii
Bias-free Telecommunication-compatible Terahertz Emitters
Deniz Turan; Advisor: Mona Jarrahi
3:05pm – 3:25pmA Millimeter-Wave CMOS Transceiver With Digitally Pre-Distorted PAM-4 Modulation for Contactless Communications
Yanghyo (Rod) Kim; Advisor: Frank Chang
A New Resonance Assisted by An-isotropic Metasurfaces
Xiaoqiang Li; Advisor: Tatsuo Itoh
High-dimensional Entanglement in Quantum Frequency Combs
Zhenda Xie, Kai-Chi Chang, Xiang Cheng, Yoo Seung Lee, Xuan Cui and Alvin Peizhe Li; Advisor: Chee-Wei Wong
3:25pm – 3:45pmNeuromorphic Hardware with Charge-Trap Transistors as Analog Synapses
Xuefeng Gu; Advisor: Subu Iyer
Wireless Adaptive Swarm Array Beamforming
Maziar Hedayati, Junming Diao, Yikun Huang; Advisor: Ethan Wang
High-power and Wavelength-Tunable THz Quantum-cascade Lasers
Christopher Curwen; Advisor: Ben Williams
3:45pm – 4:05pmLow Voltage SRAM with Fault Mitigation Techniques for Energy Efficient CNN
Xiao Shi; Advisor: Lei He
Empowering CubeSats – Development and Characterization of a Deployable 1m Ka band Offset Mesh Reflector Antenna for Advanced Precipitation Radars.
Vignesh Manohar; Advisor: Yahya Rahmat-Samii
The Dynamics of Interlayer Neural Excitons, Trions in 2D Trilayer Atomic Crystals
Jiahui Huang & Chanyeol Choi; Advisor: Chee-Wei Wong
4:05pm – 5:00pmPoster and demo sessions [Centennial CD & Pre-Function Area]
5:00pm – 5:30pm“Back-to-school” talk by Prof & Chair Greg Pottie [Centennial AB]
5:30pm – 5:45pmClosing, Award presentations: Best Oral Presentation, Dr. Sanaz Pilehvar; Best Poster Presentation – Graduate project: Shuyu Lin; Undergraduate Project: Aaron Wilhelm, Andrew Wilhelm, and Hannaneh Hojaiji (all from Prof. Sam Emaminejad’s group); and Best Poster Presentation, Yen-Ju Lin (of Prof. Mona Jarrahi’s group). [Centennial AB]
5:45pm – 6:30pm Wine reception [Centennial Terrace]