Nezih Tolga Yardimci, a PhD student working with Prof. Mona Jarrahi, received Best Student Paper Award (3rd place) at the 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves for his paper High Power Pulsed Terahertz Radiation From Large Area Plasmonic Photoconductive Emitters.

This paper presents a novel photoconductive terahertz emitter that offers a dramatic increase in output power over current emitters, by more than one order of magnitude. The improved performance results from the use of a large area plasmonic photoconductive emitter configuration that can offer high optical-to-terahertz conversion efficiencies while handling high optical pump power levels.

The International Conference on IRMMW-THz, which started in 1974, is the oldest and largest continuous forum specifically devoted to the field of ultra-high frequency electronics, optoelectronics and applications.

The paper was co-authored by Shang-Hua Yang and his advisor, Prof. Mona Jarrahi. The award was presented at the conference banquet in Hong Kong.