2008 Annual Research Review



The 2008 Annual Research Review is sponsored by:

Monday, January 28, 2008, Electrical Engineering IV


The event was a forum in which graduate students and their faculty advisors present their latest research results and answer questions from industrial and government sponsors. Attending guests gain an update on recent and ground-breaking research and interact with faculty members from the department.

The one-day event was held in the Engineering IV Building, home to the department. It started with an open session to introduce the department, the seven key application areas highlighted this year, and several research centers. The event continued with parallel tracks for oral presentations by faculty and graduate students. In addition, graduate students present interactive poster sessions during the event.

This year’s event will emphasize the following key areas:

Emerging Internet Technology

Emerging Wireless Technology

Emerging Nanotechnology

Emerging Tele-Health

Emerging Web Applications

Emerging Software-Defined Radio Technology

Emerging Distributed Systems

Companies attending the event:

Agilent Technologies, Aktino, Inc, Alpine Electronics, Ansoft Corporation, Baxter, Boeing, Broadcom Corporation, Cisco Research, Crocker Capital, ECA, Escape Communications, Inc., Foxconn Electronics, HRL Laboratories, Intel, Intel Capital, JPL, Linear Technology, Lockheed Martin, Lux Capital Management, LLC, Miramar Venture Partners, Moldex-Metric, Inc., Mojix Inc., Northrop Grumman, Photonic Corporation, Proteus, Qualcomm Inc., Rambus, Raytheon, Realtek Group, SANYO Technology Center, Skyworks, Sony, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Tenco, The Aerospace Corporation, ValuePoint Growth Partners, ViaSat, Inc., Warner Brothers, Westside Environmental Technology, WiLinx, Yahoo.


Organizing Committee

Professor Paulo Tabuada, Chair

Professor Rajeev Jain, co-Chair

Professor Dejan Markovic, co-Chair

Professor Chih-Kong Ken Yang, Circuits and Embedded Systems Area Director

Professor Jason Woo, Physical and Wave Electronics Area Director

Professor Abeer Alwan, Signals and Systems Area Director


8:00 – 9:00
Registration and Breakfast

9:00 – 10:00
Opening Session (Room 54-134, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg)
Welcome by the Annual Research Review Chair
Welcome by the Dean of Engineering
Welcome by the Department Chairman
Online MS Program in Signal Processing and Communications

10:00 – 10:15
Coffee Break

10:15 – 12:45
Parallel Technical Tracks

Emerging Software-Defined and Cognitive Radio Technology
Room 57-124, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg
Chair: Prof. Dejan Markovic

Minimizing Energy Consumption with an SDR based Morphable Radio [abstract]
Prof. Babak Daneshrad

An Outphasing PA for a Software-Defined Radio Transmitter
Shervin Moloudi (graduate student)

Parallel Delta-Sigma Modulators for Reconfigurable ADC Design [abstract]
Prof. Sudhakar Pamarti

Multi-Dimensional Design Optimization of Pipelined A/D Converter
Jintae Kim (graduate student)

Spectrum Sensing Design for Cognitive Radios [abstract]
Prof. Danijela Cabric

Nonlinear Turbo Codes: Even Closer to the Shannon Limit [abstract]
Miguel Griot (graduate student)

Emerging Internet Technology
Room 67-124, 6th floor, Engr. IV Bldg

Chair: Prof. John Villasenor

Silicon Photonics Devices for the Internet [abstract]
Prof. Sasan Fathpour

Optical Rogue Waves
Dr. Daniel Solli (postdoctoral researcher)

Cross-layer networking for home, Internet, and UAV-aided Mobile Wireless Multimedia Networks [Part A] [Part B]
Prof. Izhak Rubin

Cross Layer Optimal Operation of Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Julan Hsu (graduate student)

Media Distribution in the Home: Copper, Coax, Power Line or Wireless?
Prof. Rajeev Jain, Dr. Vipin Aggarwal, Cimarron Mittelsteadt, and Rick Yuan Huang

The Merging of Cellular and the Internet
Prof. John Villasenor

Emerging Nanotechnology
Room 54-134, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg
Chair Prof. Jason Woo

The Pursuit of Beyond Nanoelectronics
Dr. Kos Galatsis

Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers: Bridging the Terahertz Gap [abstract]
Prof. Benjamin Williams

Materials Synthesis for Nanoelectronics/Nanophotonics
Prof. Diana Huffaker

Development of a Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscope for Sub-Diffraction Biological Imaging
Margaret C. Chiang (graduate student)

Design Challenges for Nanoscale Manufacturing [abstract]
Prof. Puneet Gupta

Robust Synthesis with Defective Nano Devices [abstract]
Prof. Lei He

12:45 – 2:15
Luncheon and Interactive Student Poster Session
2nd floor patio, Engr. IV Bldg

2:15 – 4:15
Parallel Technical Tracks

Emerging Wireless Technology
Room 54-134, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg
Chair: Prof. Babak Daneshrad

Maximizing the Capacity Performance of Compact Multi-Antenna Platforms [abstract]
Prof. Yuanxun (Ethan) Wang

A 60GHz CMOS Receiver Using a 30GHz LO [abstract]
Ali Parsa (graduate student)

Architecture Optimization for Multidimensional Signal Processing [abstract]
Prof. Dejan Markovic

Tera-Hertz CMOS Circuit Development and Its Potential Impacts to Future Communication and Imaging Systems
Tim LaRocca (graduate student)

Emerging Tele-Health
Room 57-124, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg

Chair: Prof. William J. Kaiser

Medical Embedded Systems for Wireless Health [abstract]
Prof. Majid Sarrafzadeh

Dealing with Noise and Sparse Data in Automatic Speech Recognition
Prof. Abeer Alwan

Ultra Wide-Field Lens-Free Monitoring of Cells on Chip
Prof. Aydogan Ozcan

Neuroengineering the Brain-Technology Interface
Prof. Jack Judy

Emerging Web Applications
Room 67-124, 6th floor, Engr. IV Bldg

Chair Prof. Mani Srivastava

Mining social Networks: Algorithms, Ethics, and Business Opportunities
Prof. Vwani Roychowdhury

Knowledge-Driven Computing and Networking: Games, Information Processing, and Learning
Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar

Participatory Sensing in Urban, social, and Personal Spaces [abstract]
Prof. Mani Srivastava

Words to Look at: Statistics, Media Art and the Prospects for Data Analysis in the Public Sphere
Prof. Mark Hansen

Emerging Distributed Systems
Room Rice, 6th floor, Boelter Hall
Chair: Prof. Paulo Tabuada

Distributed Adaptive Networks
Prof. Ali H. Sayed

Networked Fault-Tolerant Control and Distributed Water Systems [abstract]
Pro. Panagiotis Christofides

Decentralized Control Based on the Value of Information in Large Vehicle Arrays
Prof. Jason Speyer

Image and Video Analysis: Towards Intelligent Machines
Prof. Stefano Soatto

New Control Paradigms for Cars and Agricultural Irrigation [abstract]
Prof. Paulo Tabuada

4:15 – 5:15
Coffee Break and Interactive Student Poster Session

5:15 – 6:30
Reception (Rice Room, 6th floor, Boelter Hall)

Instruction for Students Participating in the Event

Send an email with the name of your advisor, title and abstract for your poster by December 14, 2007 to Sophie Spurrier.
Print the poster and give it to Gershwin Mason. by January 14, 2008..
Send an email with a single page PDF version of your poster, with at least 300 dpi, by January 14, 2008 to Sophie Spurrier.
Send a 300 dpi .jpg file of your picture as an independent image file; degree you are pursuing; how many years you have been in the program; and expected graduation date, by January 14, 2008 to Sophie Spurrier.
The printed poster should be no larger than 32×40 square inches and can be prepared in three different ways:
Printed directly on a poster board
Printed on a single sheet and attached to a poster board provided by Gershwin Mason.
Discouraged: Printed on multiple sheets and attached to a poster board provided by Gershwin Mason.
Please note that printing expenses are to be covered by your advisor.
For questions regarding electronic versions of the poster contact Sophie Spurrier.
For questions regarding printed versions of the poster contact Gershwin Mason.
For up-to-date information about the annual research review, visit its website.
Poster template portrait style.
Poster template landscape style.

Parking for the Event
You must have a parking permit in order to park anywhere on the UCLA campus. FREE Parking Permits are available for the 2008 Annual Research Review (ARR) at the Information Kiosk that is located south and west of the Engineering IV Building (see map below). simply tell the attendant at the Information Kiosk that you are attending the ARR, and the attendant will issue a permit to you. Parking for the 2008 Annual Research Review is available at Parking Structure 8, which is within close walking distance to the Engineering IV Building.