Administrative Staff


Professor Gregory J. Pottie56-147G Engr. IV(310) 825-8150Email

Vice Chairs

Professor Mona Jarrahi, Graduate Affairs66-147E Engr. IV(310)-206-1371Email
Professor Abeer A. Alwan, Undergraduate Affairs66-147G Engr. IV(310) 206-2231Email
Professor Chih-Kong “Ken” Yang, Industry Relations56-147A Engr. IV(310) 206-3665Email
Professor Puneet Gupta, Computer Engineering6730C Boelter Hall(310) 825-1376Email

Area Directors

Professor Sudhakar Pamarti, Circuits and Embedded Systems6731F BH(310) 825-2657Email
Professor Yuanxun “Ethan” Wang, Physical and Wave Electronics56-147K Engr. IV(310) 206-5670Email
Professor Christina Fragouli, Signals and Systems68-121 Engr. IV(310) 206-8795Email

Chief Administrative Officer

Jacquelyn Trang56-125A Engr. IV(310) 825-9094Email

Office of Human Resources

Mary Lopez, Academic Personnel Manager56-125D Engr. IV(310) 825-9095Email
Sandra Bryant, Personnel Officer56-125C Engr IV(310) 825-0279Email
Soledad Espinoza, Academic Personnel Coordinator56-125E Engr. IV(310) 825-9096Email
Charlene Almeida, Student Personnel and Payroll56-125H Engr. IV(310) 825-8555Email

Office of Accounting and Budget

Shirley Yee, Accounting and Budget Manager56-125L Engr. IV(310) 794-9309Email
Marty Revilla, Purchasing Officer56-125M Engr. IV(310) 825-7884Email
TBD, Grant Officer56-125K Engr. IV(310) 206-5385Email TBD
Giovanni (Gio) Gutierrez, Fund Manager56-125J Engr. IV(310) 794-4166Email

Office of Facilities and Faculty Support

Jose Cano, Facilities Coordinator56-125G Engr. IV(310) 825-4447Email
Joshua Ramos, Facilities Assistant56-125FF Engr. IV(310) 825-4474Email

Chair’s Office

Tricia Senate, Assistant to the Chair and Faculty Support58-121 Engr. IV(310) 825-2647Email

Faculty Support

Lorena Sanchez, Boelter Hall Faculty Support6731 Boelter Hall(310) 825-2214Email
Adriana “Vanessa” Ramirez, 6th Floor Faculty Support66-127DD Engr. IV(310) 206-4304Email
Maria Orozco, 5th Floor Faculty Support56-125KK Eng IV(310) 267-1954Email

Office of Student Affairs

Deeona Columbia, Student Affairs Manager57-127 Engr. IV(310) 825-7574Email
Ryo Arreola, Graduate Student Affairs Officer57-127 Engr. IV(310) 825-8592Email
Julio Vega Romero, Graduate Admissions Coordinator57-127 Engr. IV(310) 825-9383Email

Office of Information Technology

Benmin Sun56-138C Engr. IV(310) 794-9886Email

Office of Instructional Laboratory

Dr. You-Sheng (Wilson) Lin14-131A Engr IV(310) 206-8923Email
Minji Zhu64-124 Engr. IV(310) 825-4940Email