M.S. Program Overview

The Master of Science (M.S.) Degree allows students to gain a greater depth within the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Students are expected to have completed a B.S. degree in engineering or a related field.  The flexibility of the M.S. degree allows students to tailor their coursework to their specific interests while also providing a solid, graduate-level foundation.  The students may select one of our three M.S. degree plans based on whether or not they intend to immediately enter the workforce upon graduating or would like to prepare for future graduate study through a doctoral program.

The three M.S. plans are as follows:

M.S. Course-Based Plan

As the default option for incoming M.S. students, the courses option requires the completion of nine (9) four-unit, letter graded, graduate lecture courses.  Five of these courses must be from the student’s departmental area of specialization.  The courses option allows flexibility in the four remaining lecture courses, by allowing students to take graduate-level courses from other areas or departments.

M.S. Project Option

The M.S. Project option requires the completion of eight (8) four-unit, letter graded, graduate lecture courses.  Additionally, students must complete guided research under their faculty advisor as a part of a project seminar during their final quarter.  The project seminar requires the submission of a written report and presentation of the student’s findings.

M.S. Thesis Option

The M.S. Thesis option is ideal for students who intend to pursue a research-oriented career or intend to continue into a doctoral program.  The M.S. Thesis option requires that students complete seven (7) four-unit, letter graded, graduate lecture courses.  Additionally, students must enroll in research units and nominate a thesis committee consisting of at least three faculty members who will guide their research.  This plan culminates in a thesis which must be approved by a student’s thesis committee and which is then filed with the University.

All M.S. Plans require that students maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0 throughout the duration of their M.S. Program.  Students have a maximum of two (2) academic years, or six (6) academic quarters, to complete the M.S. Program.  The average time to degree for students is five (5) academic quarters.