National Academy Fellows

This directory includes Electrical & Computer Engineering Department National Academy Fellows. Click on faculty names to see their personal web pages.

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Asad A. Abidi

High-performance analog electronics, device modeling

Robert Candler

MEMS and nanoscale devices, fundamental limitations of sensors, micromagnetic devices for advanced light sources, biological and chemical sensing

M. C. Frank Chang

High-speed semiconductors devices, integrated circuits for digital, analog, microwave, mm-wave terahertz systems, RF/wireless interconnects

Sam Emaminejad

Biological and Chemical Sensors, Wearable and Flexible Electronics, Microfluidics, MEMs and NEMs Fabrication and Modeling, Internet of Things Devices, Technology Development for Personalized/Precision Medicine

Dan Goebel

Electric propulsion, thermionic emission, microwaves, plasma-materials interactions, high voltage

Chand J. Joshi

Laser fusion, laser acceleration of particles, nonlinear optics, high-power lasers, plasma physics

Asad M. Madni

Development and commercialization of intelligent sensors and systems, RF and microwave instrumentation, wireless sensor networks, and signal processing; broad applications for automotive safety, commercial and military aircraft, space vehicles, radar, electronic warfare, and U.S. combat readiness

Stanley Osher

Level set methods for computing moving fronts involving topological changes, hyperbolic conservation laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equations, optimization related to sparsity

Aydogan Ozcan

Computational Imaging, Deep Learning Optics, Diffractive Neural Networks, Optical Computing, Microscopy, Holography, Sensing and Diagnostics, Biophotonics, Mobile Health, Telemedicine, Global Health

Yahya Rahmat-Samii

Electromagnetics, satellite communication antennas, personal communication antennas including human interaction, biotelemetry and RFID applications, antennas for remote sensing and radio astronomy applications

Behzad Razavi

Analog, RF, mixed-signal integrated circuit design, dual-standard RF transceivers, phase-locked systems and frequency synthesizers, A/D and D/A converters, high-speed data communication circuits

Henry Samueli

VLSI implementation of signal processing and digital communication systems, high-speed digital integrated circuits, digital filter design

Jason Speyer

Stochastic and deterministic optimal control and estimation with application to aerospace systems; guidance, flight control, and flight mechanics

Dwight Streit

Advanced semiconductors, microelectronics, radar, communication and satellite payload electronics

Alan N. Willson, Jr.

Theory and applications of digital signal processing including VLSI implementations, digital filter design, nonlinear circuit theory

Eli Yablonovitch

Optoelectronics, high speed optical communications, nanocavity lasers, photonic crystals at optical and microwave frequencies, quantum computing and communication