Gregory PottieThe UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering Department serves the State and the Nation by advancing the state of the art through its research programs and by teaching the next generation of electrical engineers the fundamentals and practical skills required for success. We are part of a proud tradition in which electrical engineers have devised inventions that have transformed our civilization through near-instantaneous electronic communication, ubiquitous availability of power through the electrical grid, electronic computers, digital cameras and displays, and advanced signal processing that enables machines to respond to speech, images, and sensor data at massive scales.

Among many other accomplishments, researchers in the UCLA ECE Department have enabled radios to be fabricated on a single integrated circuit, laying the foundations of the explosive applications of wireless technology and devised the basic wireless sensor network technology that underlies the coming Internet of Things revolution. Other research accomplishments for which our faculty have been recognized include development of space-based antennas, advances in microwave circuits, development of sensors for the transportation and aerospace industries, advances in control systems for aerospace, and development of fundamental advances in digital signal processing. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching, research and service, constantly seeking to improve how we serve our students and alums and reaching out to the broader community. Our Alumni are pillars of the aerospace, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries, and beyond this have pursued a broad range of pursuits including entrepreneurship, law, engineering consulting, and academia. Our students are highly qualified and bring many gifts of scholarship, service, and inventiveness. Our student chapters of HKN and IEEE are outstanding, consistently winning national awards as they pursue service roles and design competitions. For a snapshot of our activities in the past academic year, please take a look at our Annual Report.

In the best tradition of the profession, the UCLA ECE Department welcomes change and new challenges and looks forward to continuing to provide the high quality research and educational experiences our stakeholders expect and deserve. Whether you want to learn more about electrical and computer engineering, to become a student, to plan your studies, to explore how you can become involved in our research mission, or to understand how continued involvement with the Department can advance your career or company, on behalf of the Department, I welcome you and encourage you in your explorations.

Gregory J. Pottie
Professor and Chair, UCLA ECE Department