2009 Annual Research Review



The 2009 Annual Research Review is sponsored by:


Friday, April 24, 2009, Electrical Engineering IV

The event was a forum in which graduate students and their faculty advisors present their latest research results and answer questions from industrial and government sponsors. Attending guests gain an update on recent and ground-breaking research and interact with faculty members from the department.

The one-day event was held in the Engineering IV Building, home to the department. It started with an open session to introduce the department, the seven key application areas highlighted this year, and several research centers. The event continued with parallel tracks for oral presentations by faculty and graduate students. In addition, graduate students presented interactive poster sessions during the event.

Companies that attended the 2008 Annual Research Review:

911 Enterprises Inc., Alpine Electronics, Ansoft Corporation, Apple Computer Inc., Boeing, Robert Bosch LLC, Broadcom Corporation, Cisco Research, Crocker Capital, DataPlex Inc., Denali Software Inc., ECA, Foxconn Electronics, Greenberg Traurig LLP, HRL Laboratories, Intel, Intel Capital, Interphases Solar Inc., Ivex USA, JPL, Lockheed Martin, Lux Capital Management LLC, Micronor Inc., Moldex-Metric Inc., Mojix Inc., NanoIVD Inc., Northrop Grumman, NXP Semiconductors, Photonic Corporation, Proteus, Qualcomm Inc., Raytheon, Realtek Group, Sandia National Laboraties, SANYO Technology Center, Siemens PLM, Skyworks, Sony, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Synopsys, Tenco, The Aerospace Corporation, Turner Engineering Corporation, ValuePoint Growth Partners, ViaSat Inc., Warner Brothers, Westside Environmental Technology, WiLinx, Xerox Co., Yahoo.

Organizing Committee
Professor Dejan Markovic, Chair

Professor Behzad Razavi, co-Chair

8:00 – 8:30
Registration and Breakfast

8:30 – 9:30
Opening Session (Room 54-134, 5th floor, Engr. IV Bldg)
Welcome by the Annual Research Review Chair
Welcome by the Dean of Engineering
Online MS Program

9:30 – 10:45
Parallel Technical Tracks

Advances in Healthcare Technology [abstracts]
Room 54-134, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Kaiser

Wireless Health Embedded Computing Platforms [presentation]
Lawrence Au
Advisor: Prof. Kaiser

A Compact Energy-Efficient Wireless Recorder for the Acquisition of Neural Signals [presentation]
Rodney Chandler
Advisor: Prof. Judy

Lensfree On-Chip Imaging for BioMedical Diagnostics & Wireless Health Applications
Justin Su
Advisor: Prof. Ozcan

Nano-scale Wireless Technology [abstracts]
Room 57-124, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Razavi

Encoding for Input-Symmetric Degraded Broadcast Channels [presentation]
Bike Xie
Advisor: Prof. Wesel

Systematic Transistor and Inductor Modeling for Millimeter-wave Design [presentation]
Chuan Kang Liang
Advisor: Prof. Razavi

Digital PLL Design for Nanometere Scale CMOS [sensitive materials – presentation not available]
Ping-Hsuan Hsieh
Advisor: Prof. Yang

Ultra-high-speed Devices [abstracts]
Room 67-124, 6th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Williams

Serial Time Encoded Optical Microscopy (STEM) – The World’s Fastest Imaging System
Kevin Kin-Man Tsia
Advisor: Prof. Jalali

Time Stretched Enhanced Recording Scope – The World’s Fastest Sampling Oscilloscope [presentation]
Shalabh Gupta
Advisor: Prof. Jalali

Micromachined Horn Antennas for Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers [presentation]
Amir Ali Tavallaee
Advisor: Prof. Williams

10:45 – 11:00
Coffee Break

11:00 – 12:15
Parallel Technical Tracks

Emerging MIMO and Cognitive Radios [abstracts]
Room 54-134, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Daneshrad

Spectral Sensing by Cognitive Radios at Very Low SNR [presentation]
Zhi Quan
Advisor: Prof. Sayed

Spectrum Sensing Design Framework Based on Cross-layer Optimization of Detection Efficiency [presentation]
Jihoon Park
Advisor: Prof. Cabric and Prof. Jain

A MIMO Decoder Accelerator for Next Generation Wireless Communications [presentation]
Karim Abbas and Mohammed Ali
Advisor: Prof. Daneshrad

Emerging Adaptation and Control Techniques [abstracts]
Room 57-124, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Tabuada

Rapid Speaker Normalization with Limited Data Using the Second Sublottal Resonance [presentation]
Shizhen Wang
Advisor: Prof. Alwan

Self-Triggered Control Over CAN and FlexRay Buses [presentation]
Adolfo Anta
Advisor: Prof. Tabuada

Performance Analysis of ADC-based SerDes Receiver [sensitive materials – presentation not available]
E-Hung Chen
Advisor: Prof. Yang

Advanced Signal Processing and Computing [abstracts]
Room 67-124, 6th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. van der Schaar

Utilizing Compressibility to Reconstruct Unreliable Time-Frequency Representations: An Application to Speech Recognition [presentation]
Jonas Borgstrom
Advisor: Prof. Alwan

Simultaneous Bearing and Number of Sources Estimation using Finite Set Statistics [presentation]
M. Ali
Advisor: Prof. Yao

Energy Efficient Computing from Embedded to Server Scale [presentation]
Digvijay Singh
Advisor: Prof. Kaiser

12:15 – 1:30
Luncheon and Interactive Student Poster Session

1:30 – 3:35
Parallel Technical Tracks

Innovations in Wireless Networks [abstracts]
Room 54-134, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Rubin

Multicasting in Energy-aware Mobile Backbone Based Wireless Ad-hoc Networks [presentation]
Jeffrey Tan
Advisor: Prof. Rubin

Integrated Power Controlled Rate Adaptive Medium Access Control in Wireless Mesh Networks [presentation]
Kian Hedayati
Advisor: Prof. Rubin

Cross-layer Optimization of Rateless Coding for Wireless Channels [presentation]
Thomas Courtade
Advisor: Prof. Wesel

Decision Fusion in Sensor Networks for Spectrum Sensing Based on Likelihood Ratio Tests [presentation]
Wei-Ho Chung
Advisor: Prof. Yao

Event-triggered and Self-triggered Control Over Wireless Networks [presentation]
Manuel Mazo
Advisor: Prof. Tabuada

Nano-scale CMOS Design Infrastructure [abstracts]
Room 57-124, 5th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.
Chair: Prof. Gupta

A Framework for Early and Systemic Evaluation of Design Rules [presentation]
Rani S. Ghaida
Advisor: Prof. Gupta

Accelerated Burn-In for Reduced Vth Variability reduction using NBTI [presentation]
Chan Tuck Boon
Advisor: Prof. Gupta

Fault-Tolerant Logic Synthesis for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) [presentation]
Yu Hu
Advisor: Prof. He

Linear Analysis of Random Process Variability [presentation]
Victoria Wang
Advisor: Prof. Markovic

Schottky Tunneling Source MOSFET Design for Mixed Mode and Analog Applications [presentation]
Ritesh Jhaveri
Advisor: Prof. Woo

Future Nano-scale Devices [abstracts]
Room 67-124, 6th Floor, Engr. IV Bldg.

Nano-pillars for Opto-electronic Applications [presentation]
Josh Shapiro
Advisor: Prof. Kaiser

Quantum Dot Solar Cells [presentation]
Giacomo Mariani
Advisor: Prof. Huffaker

Dispersion Engineered Metamaterial-based Transmission Line of Conformal Surface Applications
Mohammed Reza Hashemi
Advisor: Prof. Itoh

Inertial Confinement Energy: Understanding Laser Scattering using Computer Simulation [presentation]
Jay Fahlen
Advisor: Prof. Mori

High Efficiency Power Amplifier for Complex Modulations Based on Pulsed Load Modulations (PLM)
Shu-Hsien Liao
Advisor: Prof. E. Wang

3:35 – 5:00
Coffee and Interactive Student Poster Session