2011 Annual Research Review

Monday, November 14, 2011, Covel Commons

The objective of this forum was to disclose the most recent results of our research to and solicit feedback from our industrial and government sponsors. The one-day review included research summaries by the Faculty and more than 50 presentations by graduate students and postdocs in all areas of electrical engineering. The event served to present our accomplishments, create close ties with our sponsors, and facilitate recruitment.

Behzad Razavi, ARR11 Chair
Lara Dolecek, ARR11 Vice Chair
Frank Chang, Department Chair

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Program at a Glance [Abstracts]


8:00-8:30Registration & Breakfast8:30-8:50″Future of Engineering,” Dean Vijay Dhir9:00-10:45Session 1: New Solutions to Communication Problems – North Ridge Room
Session 2: Emerging Electromagnetic Techniques – West Coast Room
Session 3: New Trends in Power-Aware Design – South Bay Room11:00-12:15Session 4: Innovative Devices – North Ridge Room
Session 5: Next-Generation CAD for Circuit Design – West Coast Room
Session 6: Novel Circuits for Cognitive Radios – South Bay Room12:15-1:15Luncheon Presentation: “Future of Electrical Engineering”
Prof. Frank Chang, Chair


1:15-3:00Session 7: Emerging Sensor and Wireless Networks – North Ridge Room
Session 8: Novel Antennas – West Coast Room
Session 9: Advanced Algorithms for Speech and Signal Processing – South Bay Room
Session 10: High-Performance Oscillators and PLLs – Grand Horizon Room3:15-5:00Session 11: Innovative Analog and RF Design – North Ridge Room
Session 12: Next-Generation Communications – West Coast Room
Session 13: Novel Photonic and High-Energy Techniques – South Bay Room
Session 14: High-Performance Coding Applications – Grand Horizon Room5:00-6:00Graduate and Undergraduate Poster Presentations


8:30-8:50″Future of Engineering,” Dean Vijay Dhir

Session 1. New Solutions to Communication Problems

9:00-9:25″Secure State-Estimation for Dynamical Systems under Active Adversaries”
Hamza Fawzi, Paulo Tabuada, and Suhas Diggavi9:25-9:50″On Information Sharing and the Predicament of Privacy”
Supriyo Chakraborty, Mani B. Srivastava9:50-10:15″To the New frontier of Multi-User Communications – an Approach Based Repeated Games with Intervention”
Yuanzhang Xiao and Mihaela van der Schaar10:15-10:40″Maximizing Profit on User-Generated Content Platforms”
Shaolei Ren and Mihaela van der Schaar

Session 2. Emerging Electromagnetics Techniques9:00-9:25″Dual Band Isolation Circuits Based on CRLH Transmission Lines for Triplexer Applications”
Hanseung Lee and Tatsuo Itoh9:25-9:50″Smoothed Sigmoid Circularly Polarized Waveguide Septum Design using Particle Swarm Optimization”
Ilkyu Kim, Joshua Kovitz, and Yahya Rahmat-Samii9:50-10:15″Near-field based Electrical and Communication systems”
Umar Azad, Crystal Jing and Yuanxun Ethan Wang10:15-10:40″Stacked tunable filter bank with very wide tuning range”
Jim S. Sun, Noriaki Kaneda, and Tatsuo Itoh

Session 3. New Trends in Power-Aware Design

9:00-9:25″Total System Power Minimization of Microprocessors using Refrigerated Systems for Electronic Cooling”
Wonho Park and Ken Yang9:25-9:50″Practical Energy-Aware Link Adaptation for MIMO-OFDM Radios”
Eren Eraslan, Chao-Yi Wang, and Babak Daneshrad9:50-10:15″Efficiency Enhancement of a Class E Power Amplifier under Back-off”
Nitesh Singhal and Sudhakar Pamarti10:15-10:40″A Behavioral Algorithm for State of Charge Estimation”
Ayca Balkan, Min Gao, Paulo Tabuada, and Lei He

10:40-11:00 Break

Session 4. Innovative Devices

11:00-11:25″Voltage-Induced Switching of CoFeB-MgO Magnetic Tunnel Junctions”
Juan G. Alzate, Pedram Khalili Amiri, Sergiy Cherepov, Jian Zhu,Pramey Upadhyaya, Mark Lewis, Ilya Krivorotov, Jordan Katine,Jurgen Langer,Kosmas Galatsis, and Kang L. Wang11:25-11:50″Nanowire Fabric Devices and VLSI Technology for Nanoarchitectonics”
Jorge Kina, Kyeong-Sik Shin, and Chi On Chui11:50-12:15″CMOS-Compatible Surface-Micromachined RF-Relay”
Jere Harrison and Rob Candler

Session 5. Next-Generation CAD for Circuit Design

11:00-11:25″Defect-Aware Floorplanning for EUV Masks”
Abde Ali and Puneet Gupta11:25-11:50″Stochastic Simulation for Analog Circuit and Stochastic Yield for Memory” [Slides]
Fang Gong and Lei He11:50-12:15″DRE: A Framework for Efficient and Systematic Co-Evaluation of Design Rules, Technology Choices, and Layout Methodologies”
Rani S. Ghaida and Puneet Gupta

Session 6. Novel Circuits for Cognitive Radios

11:00-11:25″A Single-LC-Tank 5-10GHz Quadrature Local Oscillator for Cognitive Radio Applications”
Jianhua Lu, Ning-Yi Wang and Mau-Chung Frank Chang11:25-11:50″Low-Power Broadband Frequency Synthesis for Cognitive Radios”
Marco Zanuso and Behzad Razavi11:50-12:15″A 7.4mW 120MS/s Wideband Spectrum Sensing Digital Baseband Processor for Cognitive Radios”
Tsung-Han Yu, Danijela Cabric and Dejan Markovic

12:15-1:15 Luncheon Presentation: “Future of Electrical Engineering”
Prof. Frank Chang, Chair

Session 7. Emerging Sensor and Wireless Networks

1:15-1:40″Variability-Aware Tasking for Sensor Networks”
Lucas Wanner, Rahul Balani, Puneet Gupta, and Mani Srivastava1:40-2:05″Context Guided and Personalized Activity Classification System”
James Y. Xu and Gregory Pottie2:05-2:30″Energy Aware Multicasting for Wireless Networks”
Jeffrey Tan, Reuven Cohen, and Izhak Rubin2:30-2:55″Efficient Sampling and Inferencing in Wireless Health Systems”
Zainul Charbiwala and Mani Srivastava

Session 8. Novel Antennas

1:15-1:40″Directivity Enhancement of Offset-Fed Reflectarray Antennas Employing Dipole Type Radiating Elements”
Jordan Budhu and Yahya Rahmat-Samii1:40-2:05″Dual-Band CRLH Phase-Array Feed Network”
Jun Choi and Tatsuo Itoh2:05-2:30″C-shaped, U-shaped and E-shaped Patch Antennas in Wireless Application- A comparative Study”
Shubhendu Bhardwaj and Yahya Rahmat-Samii2:30-2:55″MEMS Reconfigurable E-Shaped Patch Design using Particle Swarm Optimization”
Joshua Kovitz, Harish Rajagopalan, and Yahya Rahmat-Samii

Session 9. Advanced Algorithms for Speech and Signal Processing

1:15-1:40″Noise Robust Fundamental Frequency (F0) Estimation for Speech using SNR-weighted Summary Correlograms from Multi-band Comb Filters” [Slides]
Lee Ngee Tan and Abeer Alwan1:40-2:05″Real-time optogenetic functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-ofMRI) using graphic processing unit (GPU) based parallel computation”
Zhongnan Fang and Jin Hyung Lee (Presented by Nguyen Le and Wes Smith)
2:05-2:30″Cooperative Prey Herding Based on Diffusion Adaptation”
Sheng-Yuan Tu and Ali H. Sayed2:30-2:55″Noise Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Using a Novel Approach to Log-Spectral Enhancement”
Julien van Hout and Abeer Alwan

Session 10. High-Performance Oscillators and PLLs

1:15-1:40″Analysis of Phase Noise in Phase/Frequency Detectors”
Ali Homayoun and Behzad Razavi1:40-2:05″A V-band Voltage Controlled Oscillator with Greater than 18GHz of Continuous Tuning-Range Based on Orthogonal E mode and H mode Control”
Alborz Jooyaie and Mau-Chung Frank Chang2:05-2:30″A 2.8 to 3.2 GHz fractional-N digital PLL with ADC-assisted TDC and inductively coupled fine-tuning DCO”
Chih-Wei Yao and Alan Willson2:30-2:55″A 25-Gb/s 5-mW CMOS CDR Circuit”
Jun Won Jung and Behzad Razavi

2:55-3:15 Break

Session 11. Innovative Analog and RF Design

3:15-3:40″V-band Self-Healing Power Amplifier with Adaptive Feedback Bias Control in 65nm CMOS” [Slides]
Jenny Yi-Chun Liu, Adrian Tang, Ning-Yi Wang, Qun Jane Gu, Roc Berenguer, and Mau-Chung Frank Chang3:40-4:05″Wide-bandwidth open loop phase modulator”
Nitin Nidhi and Sudhakar Pamarti4:05-4:30″Gain-Enhanced Distributed Amplifier-Based CRLH-Leaky Wave Antenna for Quasi-Resonant Power Recycling Scheme”
Chung-Tse Michael Wu and Tatsuo Itoh4:30-4:55″Signal-processing techniques for wideband data converters”
Abhishek Ghosh and Sudhakar Pamarti

Session 12. Next-Generation Communications

3:15-3:40″Detecting Stumbles Using Accelerometers”
Nabil Hajj Chehade and Gregory Pottie3:40-4:05″Cyclostationary Feature Detection from Sub-Nyquist Samples”
Eric Rebeiz and Danijela Cabric4:05-4:30″A practical approach to interference suppression using multiple antennas”
Gaelen Pereira and Babak Daneshrad

Session 13. Novel Photonic and High-Energy Techniques

3:15-3:40″Lensfree Optical Tomographic Microscopy”
Serhan O. Isikman, Waheb Bishara, Sam Mavandadi, Steve Feng,Frank Yu, and Aydogan Ozcan3:40-4:05″Developing a Compact Source of High Energy Protons for Cancer Therapy”
Dan Haberberger, Sergei Tochitsky, Chao Gong, Chan Joshi, Warren Mori, and Frederico Fiuza4:05-4:30″Lensfree Fluorescence Microscopy” [Slides]
Ahmet F. Coskun, Ting- Wei Su, Ikbal Sencan, and Aydogan Ozcan4:30-4:55″Active terahertz quantum-cascade leaky-wave antenna”
Amir A. Tavallaee, Benjamin S. Williams, Philip W. C. Hon, Tatsuo Itoh, and Qi-Sheng Chen4:55-5:20″Automated On-Chip Semen Analysis using a Handheld Lensfree Holographic Microscope”
Ting-Wei Su, Anthony Erlinger, Derek Tseng, and Aydogan Ozcan

Session 14. High-Performance Coding Applications

3:15-3:40″Soft Information for LDPC Decoding in Flash: Mutual-Information Optimized Quantization”
Jiadong Wang, Thomas Courtade, Hari Shankar and Richard Wesel3:40-4:05″Extending the Lifetime of Flash Memory Using Coding Techniques”
Ryan Gabrys and Lara Dolecek4:05-4:30″Superposition Coding for Constrained Modulations”
Thomas Courtade and Richard Wesel4:30-4:55″Protograph-Based Raptor-Like LDPC Codes for Rate Compatibility with Short Blocklengths”
Tsung-Yi Chen, Dariush Divsalar, Jiadong Wang and Richard Wesel

5:00-6:00 Graduate and Undergraduate Poster Presentations