2012 Annual Research Review


Tuesday, December 4, 2012, Engineering IV Building

The objective of this forum was to disclose the most recent results of our research to and solicit feedback from our industrial and government colleagues. The one-day review included research summaries by the Faculty and more than 50 presentations by graduate students and postdocs in all areas of electrical engineering. The event served to present our accomplishments, create close ties with our sponsors, and facilitate recruitment.

Lara Dolecek, ARR12 Co-Chair
Rob Candler, ARR12 Co-Chair
Frank Chang, Department Chair

Sponsored by:

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Program at a Glance


8:00-8:30Registration & Breakfast [CNSI Building]

8:30-8:50Welcoming Remarks [CNSI Building]

9:15-10:15Session 1: Biological and Chemical Detection Technologies – Maxwell 57-124 E4
Session 2: New Trends in Information Processing – Tesla 53-125 E4
Session 3: Robust CAD – Faraday 67-124 E4
Session 4: Novel Lasers – Shannon 54-134 E4

10:15-11:00Coffee Break

11:00-12:20Session 5: Advanced Biomedical Imaging – Faraday 67-124 E4
Session 6: New Coding Methods – Maxwell 57-124 E4
Session 7: Cutting Edge Circuit Designs – Shannon 54-134 E4
Session 8: Innovative Devices – Tesla 53-125 E4

12:30-1:30Luncheon Presentation
(Dr. Thomas Lee, Stanford/DARPA MTO)

The Victorian Moon Program: The First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable and the Birth of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are the children of a failure so traumatic that we don’t even talk about it. The first transatlantic telegraph cable was mainly designed by a medical doctor, with results one would expect on that basis. A British board of inquiry convened to assess the multiple failures noted that the electrical arts lacked even a basic vocabulary to describe the failure. William Thomson was named the new head of the project, and success followed in 1866. The volt, ohm and ampere were defined shortly thereafter and the profession of electrical engineering was born. Thomson, of course, became Lord Kelvin, and was arguably the first professional electrical engineer.


1:45-3:05Session 9: Novel Communication Algorithms – Maxwell 57-124 E4
Session 10: New Methodologies for Circuits -Tesla 53-125 E4
Session 11: High Performance Receivers and Antennas – Shannon 54-134 E4

3:05-3:35Coffee Break

3:35-4:55Session 12: Advances in Devices and Materials – Shannon 54-134 E4
Session 13: Advanced Inference Algorithms – Tesla 53-125 E4
Session 14: Next-Generation DSP Architectures and Optimization of Nonlinear Systems – Maxwell 57-124 E4

5:00-6:00 Poster Presentations


8:30-8:50Welcome Remarks

Session 1. Biological and Chemical Detection Technologies – Maxwell 57-124 E4 9:15-9:35″ZIF-coupled Microresonator for Highly Sensitive and Selective Gas Detection”
Yongha Hwang and Rob Candler9:35-9:55″Wide-field Lensless On-Chip Fluorescence Microscopy for High-throughput Screening of Bio-Chips”
Ahmet F. Coskun, Ting-Wei Su, Ikbal Sencan, David Herman, YeongSeok Suh and Aydogan Ozcan9:55-10:15″Cell-phone based Rapid-Diagnostic-Test Reader Platform for Real-time Mapping of Infectious Diseases”
Onur Mudanyali, Stoyan Dimitrov, Uzair Sikora, Swati Padmanabhan, Isa Navruz, and Aydogan Ozcan

Session 2. New Trends in Information Processing – Tesla 53-125 E4

9:15-9:35″Balancing Behavioral Privacy and Information Utility in Sensor Data Flows”
Supriyo Chakraborty, Kasturi Rangan Raghavan and Mani B. Srivastava9:35-9:55″Context Guided Universal Decision Tree For Activity Classification”
Chieh Chien, Hua-I Chang and Greg Pottie9:55-10:15″Optimal Relay Deployment for Robust Multihop Multicast Scheduling in Cellular Wireless Networks”
Hung-Bin Chang and Izhak Rubin

Session 3. Robust CAD – Faraday 67-124 E4

9:15-9:35″Two Efficient Ways to Monitor the Maximum Operating Frequency of a Chip”
Liangzhen Lai and Puneet Gupta9:35-9:55″Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Custom Integrated Circuits”
Fang Gong and Lei He9:55-10:15″Soft Error Mitigation for FPGA Based Systems”
Ju-Yueh Lee and Lei He

Session 4. Novel Lasers – Shannon 54-134 E4

9:15-9:35″Lorentz Boosted Frame Simulation for Plasma-Based Accelerator”
Peicheng Yu and Warren Mori9:35-9:55″Generation of Ultra-fast CO2 Laser Pulses using Self-Phase Modulation in a Noble-Gas-Filled Hollow Waveguide”
Jeremy Pigeon, Sergei Tochitsky, Chao Gong and Chan Joshi 9:55-10:15″Stabilizing the Periodic Oscillations of Semiconductor Lasers for Precision Photonic Microwave Generation”
Mohammad AlMulla and Jia-Ming Liu

10:15-11:00 Coffee Break

Session 5. Advanced Biomedical Imaging – Faraday 67-124 E4

11:00-11:20″Lensfree Holographic Microscopy for Automated On-Chip Semen Analysis”
Ting-Wei Su, Anthony Erlinger, Derek Tseng, and Aydogan Ozcan11:20-11:40″A Wireless Handheld Biomedical Imaging System for Monitoring Pressure Ulcer Development”
Frank Wang, Yeung Lam, Alireza Mehrnia, Barbara Bates-Jensen, Majid Sarrafzadeh, and William Kaiser11:40-12:00″Quasi-Fluorescence Lifetime Detection of Brain Tumor and Tissue Structure for Intraoperative Use”
Asael Papour, Zach Taylor, Maie St. John, William Yong, Oscar Stafsudd, and Warren Grundfest12:00-12:20″A Wearable Sensor for Continuously Vigilant Spatial and Depth-Resolved Blood Perfusion Imaging”
Bijian Mapar and William Kaiser

Session 6. New Coding Methods – Maxwell 57-124 E4

11:00-11:20″Dynamic Threshold Schemes for Multi-Level Nonvolatile Memories”
Frederic Sala, Ryan Gabrys, and Lara Dolecek11:20-11:40″Non-asymptotic Variable-Length Coding with Feedback: Rate-Compatible Sphere-Packing”
Tsung-Yi Chen, Adam R. Williamson, Dariush Divsalar, and Richard D. Wesel 11:40-12:00″High Throughput with Low Latency: The Analysis and Design of Rate-Compatible Codes for Gaussian Channels with Feedback”
Adam R. Williamson, Tsung-Yi Chen, and Richard D. Wesel12:00-12:20″Rewriting Codes for Flash Memory”
Ryan Gabrys and Lara Dolecek

Session 7. Cutting Edge Circuit Designs – Shannon – 54-134 E4

11:00-11:20″A Multichannel, Multicore mm-Wave Clustered VCO with Phase Noise, Tuning Range, and Lifetime Reliability Enhancements”
Farid Shirinfar, Med Nariman, Tirdad Sowlati, Maryam Rofougaran, Reza Rofougaran, and Sudhakar Pamarti11:20-11:40″A Fully Integrated 22.6dBm 60GHz Power Amplifier in 40nm CMOS”
Farid Shirinfar, Med Nariman, Tirdad Sowlati, Maryam Rofougaran, Reza Rofougaran, and Sudhakar Pamarti11:40-12:00″A 10-Bit 1-GHz CMOS ADC with FOM=70 fJ/Conv.”
Sedigheh Hashemi and Behzad Razavi12:00-12:20″A 10-Bit 4-GHz CMOS ADC”
Hegong Wei and Behzad Razavi

Session 8. Innovative Devices – Tesla 53-125 E4

11:00-11:20″InAs/ AlAsSb Self-Assembled Quantum Dots for Intermediate Band Solar Cells”
Meng Sun, Paul J. Simmonds, Ramesh Babu Laghumavarapu, Andrew Lin, Baolai Liang, and Diana Huffaker11:20-11:40″Device Modeling for Tunneling Transistors”
Andrew Pan and Chi On Chui11:40-12:00″Reducing Electrostatic Screening in Field-Effect-Transistor-Based Biosensors”
Kaveh Shoorideh and Chi On Chui12:00-12:20″Tuning the InGaAs Alloy Composition in Nanopillars with Selective-Area Pattern Geometry”
Joshua Shapiro, Adam Scofield and Diana Huffaker

12:30-1:30 Lunch Presentation
Dr. Thomas Lee, Stanford/DARPA MTO

Session 9. Novel Communications Algorithms – Maxwell 57-124 E4

1:45-2:05″Cramer-Rao Bounds for Joint RSS/DoA-Based Primary-User Localization in Radio Networks”
Jun Wang, Jianshu Chen, and Danijela Cabric2:05-2:25″Relay-Aided Failover in Wireless Network Using Adaptive Unicast”
Choo Chin Tan and Izhak Rubin2:25-2:45″Optimizing Video Transmission in 4G LTE Networks”
Zhuang Jin, Jianwen Chen and John Villasenor2:45-3:05″ML Trellis Decoding of Block Codes”
Kasra Vakilinia and Richard D. Wesel

Session 10. New Methodologies for Circuits – Tesla 53-125 E4

1:45-2:05″Design-Aware Mask Inspection”
Abde Ali Kagalwalla, Puneet Gupta, Chris Progler and Steve McDonald2:05-2:25″New Approach to Multi-Stage Directional Filter Based on Band-Reject Filter Design”
Jim S. Sun, Humberto Lobato-Morales, Alonso Corona-Chavez, and Tatsuo Itoh2:25-2:45″Analysis of Metastability in Pipelined ADCs”
Sedigheh Hashemi and Behzad Razavi2:45-3:05″Hybrid Combination of Dual Band Isolation Circuits Based on Conventional and CRLH Transmission lines for Triplexers”
Hanseung Lee and Tatsuo Itoh

Session 11. High Performance Receivers Antennas – Shannon 54-134 E4

1:45-2:05″Advances in CMOS THz Imaging”
Adrian Tang and M.-C. Frank Chang2:05-2:25″A High Gain Active Antenna Array using Dual-Fed Distributed Amplifier-Based CRLH-Leaky Wave Antennas”
Chung-Tse Michael Wu and Tatsuo Itoh2:25-2:45″A 12-mW CMOS Receiver for IEEE 802.11a Applications”
Ali Homayoun and Behzad Razavi2:45-3:05″Comparison of Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques for Antenna Applications in Communications”
Joshua Kovitz and Yahya Rahmat-Samii

3:05-3:35 Coffee Break

Session 12. Advances in Devices and Materials – Shannon 54-134 E4

3:35-3:55″Graphene Undulators as Terahertz Radiation Sources”
Aryan Navabi and Kang L. Wang3:55-4:15″Distributedly Modulated Capacitors for Integrated Circulators”
Shihan Qin and Yuanxun Ethan Wang4:15-4:35″Crystal Shape Modeling and Control in Protein Crystal Growth”
Michael Nayhouse and Panagiotis D. Christofides4:35-4:55″Polarization Friendly Retrodirective Array”
Brandon Jun Choi and Tatsuo Itoh
4:55-5:15″Radiation and Beam Engineering of Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Lasers”
Philip W. C. Hon, Amir A. Tavallaee, Zhijun Liu, Benjamin S. Williams, Tatsuo Itoh

Session 13. Advanced Inference Algorithms – Tesla 53-125 E4

3:35-3:55″Automated Inference of Political Group Trajectories in Social Media”
Roja Bandari, Hazhir Rahmandad, and Vwani P. Roychowdhury3:55-4:15″Automatic Estimation of Speaker Height From Speech Signals”
Harish Arsikere and Abeer Alwan4:15-4:35″Convex Optimization Methods for Topology Selection in Graphical Models”
Jinchao Li and Lieven Vandenberghe4:35-4:55″Energy-Efficient Spectrum Sharing Among Decentralized Users with Binary Feedback”
Yuanzhang Xiao and Mihaela van der Schaar

Session 14. Next-Generation DSP Architectures and Optimization of Nonlinear Systems – Maxwell 57-124 E4

3:35-3:55″Signal-processing Techniques for Wideband Data Converters”
Abhishek Ghosh and Sudhakar Pamarti3:55-4:15″Flexible DSP Architecture for Next-Generation Software-Defined Radios”
Fang-Li Yuan and Dejan Markovic4:15-4:35″Sparse Signal Decoder for Compressive Sensing Applications”
Fengbo Ren and Dejan Markovic4:35-4:55
“Integrating Dynamic Economic Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Optimal Operation of Nonlinear Process Systems”
Matthew Ellis and Panagiotis D. Christofides