Disney Research Pittsburgh – Summer Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunity at Disney Research

Disney Research Pittsburgh has a number of summer internship positions that are immediately available in the Wireless Systems group. Candidates should be currently enrolled in a PhD or Masters program in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related disciplines.

The Wireless Systems group focuses on enabling new guest experiences and sensing and computing devices by applying novel approaches to RF sensing, computer vision and embedded systems, while utilizing advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques. Interns can expect a creative and challenging academic style lab environment, where an interdisciplinary group of researchers work on problems relevant to Disney’s business needs.

We have opportunities for internships in a variety of topics, including:
• Ubiquitous computing and sensing
• Computer vision for object detection
• Augmented reality development using the Hololens
• Technologies for human-computer interaction
• Energy harvesting for wearable and IoT applications
• Devices, circuits, and radio systems
Applicants should have excellent oral and written communication skills and a strong background in programming. Other desirable skills include: familiarity with OpenCV and object tracking, the Unity game engine, HCI, microcontrollers and embedded systems, machine learning, as well as hands on experience hacking, prototyping, and testing hardware.

Interested candidates should submit their CV to: . For further information, please contact Dr. Alanson Sample (). Please use subject line: DRP-WS-2016.

Disney Research is a network of research labs offering the best attributes of academia and industry. We highly encourage publication, as it is our principal mechanism to ensure top quality research results. We also encourage engagement with the global research community through university collaborations and leadership service in top-tier research conferences. We work actively with business units of The Walt Disney Company at all stages of research, from conception to commercialization—where results may be enjoyed by an audience of millions. Disney Research Pittsburgh is co-located with Carnegie Mellon University in the Collaborative Innovation Center under the direction of Prof. Jessica Hodgins.

More information about the available Intern positions can be found at:

Lab Associate (Intern)