Distinguished Professor Yahya Rahmat-Samii received the prestigious IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) John Kraus Antenna Field Award. This award honors an individual or team that has made a significant advance in antenna technology. The criteria considered by the AP-S Awards Committee include: (a) a new or substantially improved method or device for radiating or receiving electromagnetic waves, (b) a new concept for the electromagnetic transmission, reception, or imaging of signals, an innovative use of materials or configuration of structures to achieve better electromagnetic performance, and (c) a design that yields a heretofore unknown capability. John Kraus was an internationally recognized researcher in the field of antennas and radio astronomy. Professor Rahmat-Samii was honored for his pioneering contributions in the areas of reflector antennas. The award plaque reads, “2016 John Kraus Antenna Award is presented to Yahya Rahmat-Samii for significant contributions in advancing the analysis, design and measurement of modern reflector antennas for ground and space applications”. His original antenna design concepts have been used on many NASA/JPL spacecrafts for planetary, remote sensing, radio astronomy and Cubesat missions. Professor Rahmat-Samii received the award at the IEEE AP-S International Symposium awards ceremony held in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, California, on June 29, 2016.