ECE Department celebrates our 2023-2024 Outstanding Students

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department is proud to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of its students for the 2023-2024 academic year. Each of these outstanding students has made significant contributions to their fields of study, demonstrating exceptional dedication, innovation, and excellence. Here, we highlight their achievements and the projects that earned them prestigious awards.

Bachelor of Science Awards

Courtney Gibbons

Award: Outstanding Bachelor of Science Award in Electrical Engineering

Bhavik Joshi

Award: Outstanding Bachelor of Science Award in Computer Engineering

Sophia Du

Award: Christina Huang Memorial Prize

Distinguished Master’s Thesis Research Awards

Xiaoying Yang

Circuits and Embedded Systems: “Interaction-Powered Internet of Things”

Advisor: Prof. Yang Zhang

Cody Fan

Physical and Wave Electronics: “Optical and Electronic Properties of the Silicon X-center”

Advisor: Prof. Chee Wei Wong

Distinguished PhD Dissertation Research Awards

Shurui Li

Circuits and Embedded Systems: “Architecture, Modeling, and Optimization of Photonic Neural Network Accelerators”

Advisor: Prof. Puneet Gupta

Murat Can Sarihan

Physical and Wave Electronics: “Building Blocks for a High-Dimensional Quantum Network”

Advisor: Prof. Chee Wei Wong

Alexander “AJ” Johnson

Signals & Systems: “Towards Inclusive Low-Resource Speech Technologies: A Case Study of Educational Systems for African American English-Speaking Children”

Advisor: Prof. Abeer Alwan