Bachelor of Science Awards

Chi-Yo Tsai
Outstanding Bachelor of Science Degree
Christina Huang Memorial Prize

Distinguished Master’s Thesis

Mohammadhasan Fayazi
Circuits & Embedded Systems
Clock and Data Recovery Loops: A Frequency Domain Approach
ADVISOR: Professor Asad Abidi

Vignesh Manohar
Physical & Wave Electronics
Electromagnetic Characterizations of Mesh Deployable Ka Band Reflector Antennas for Emerging Cubesats
ADVISOR: Professor Yahya Rahmat-Samii

Distinguished PhD Dissertation

Sameed Hameed
Circuits & Embedded Systems
Design and Analysis of Programmable Receiver Front-Ends Based on LPTV Circuits
ADVISOR: Professor Sudhakar Pamarti
Luyao Xu
Physical & Wave Electronics
Terahertz Metasurface Quantum Cascade Laser
ADVISOR: Professor Benjamin Williams
Frederic Sala
Signals & Systems
Algorithms and Coding Techniques for Reliable Data Management and Storage
ADVISOR: Professor Lara Dolecek