A Dual-Channel High-Linearity Filtering-by-Aliasing Receiver Front-End Supporting Carrier Aggregation

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Due to the proliferation of frequency bands that need to be supported in wireless standards, such as LTE, GSM, 5G, etc., modern wireless receivers rely heavily on numerous off-chip bulky SAW/BAW filters with many on-chip LC tanks, which are typically not very tunable. Therefore, it has been of significant interest in recent years to explore high-programmability SAW/BAW-less receivers for emerging software-defined and cognitive radios applications. Some recent approaches, such as N-path filters (NPFs) and mixer-first receivers have shown promising results. However, without the pre-filtering from SAW/BAW filters, such receivers face great challenges in simultaneously providing sufficient performance in filtering, linearity, LO leakage, etc.

In this work, we explore the newly developed filtering-by-aliasing (FA) technique to build receiver front-ends. A slice-based FA architecture has been proposed to provide sharp analog FIR filtering by exploiting periodically time varying operation, while maintaining a constant input resistance, which provides support for carrier aggregation. It also moves all switches within the negative feedback network to improve linearity. The fabricated 28-nm prototype demonstrated two-channel concurrent reception with filters that achieve 50-dB stopband rejection with a transition bandwidth of 3.2× the RF bandwidth. It has also shown +35-dBm out-of-band IIP 3 and +13-dBm blocker 1-dB compression point with a supply voltage of only 0.9 V. The LO leakage is as low as -81 dBm.


Shi Bu received the B.Eng. and M.Phil. degrees in electronic engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, in 2014 and 2016, respectively. He is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA. In 2021, he was an Intern at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA. His research interests include analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits for communication and power-management applications.

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