Speaker: Ashutosh Sabharwal
Affiliation: Rice University

Abstract:  There is now a significant body of evidence that links human behavior to human health and well-being. However, our ability to measure behavior and its impact on health for an individual is rudimentary at best. At Scalable Health Labs, we are developing sensing tools to simultaneously measure bio- and behavioral markers, in collaboration with multiple clinical partners. Our research till date has led to the realization that we  need a new research area in engineering, which we label as bio-behavioral sensing. We highlight ongoing research directions and in the process, highlight both the challenges and opportunities for novel engineering research.

Biography:  Ashutosh Sabharwal is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Rice University, Houston, Texas. He works in two areas. His first area of research is wireless. He is the founder of WARP project (warp.rice.edu), an open-source project which is now in use at more than 125 research groups worldwide and has been used by more than 250 research articles. His research has spanned both fundamental theory and experimental systems. He is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the theory and experimentation in wireless systems and communications, and received 2017 Jack Neubauer Memorial Award. His second area of research is healthcare. He founded the Rice Scalable Health Initiative (http://sh.rice.edu), which is establishing the foundations for bio-behavioral sensing. Till day, his research has led to two commercial spinoffs, Mango Communications to commercialize WARP (www.mangocomm.com, founded in 2008) & Cognita Labs to develop novel respiratory care products  (www.cognitalabs.com, founded in 2013); the lab also inspired a third spinoff OcuCheck (www.ocucheck.com, founded in 2015).

For more information, contact Prof. Suhas Diggavi (suhasdiggavi@ucla.edu)

Date(s) - Nov 27, 2017
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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