Terahertz Metasurface Laser

Speaker: Luyao Xu
Affiliation: Ph.D. Candidate - UCLA

Physical & Wave Electronics – Department Research Forum

Abstract: Terahertz quantum cascade laser (THz QCL), since its invention in 2001, has developed to be a compact semiconductor THz source capable of delivering high power at various frequencies from 1.2 to 5.0 THz. However, achieving high output power in combination with an excellent beam pattern remains a challenge for THz QCLs. This talk will present a new class of THz QCL: THz quantum-cascade vertical-external-cavity-surface-emitting-laser (QC-VECSEL), which is the first VECSEL demonstrated in the THz frequency and the first laser built around an active metasurface. This work will initiate a new approach towards achieving THz lasers with high-quality beam patterns,significant levels of power and versatile functionalities.

Biography:  Luyao Xu () is a Ph.D candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA. She received her Master’s degree in 2013 from Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA. She is currently working on Terahertz Quantum Cascade Metasurface Laser to achieve high power in combination with a good beam pattern, advised by Prof. Benjamin Williams. Luyao is the recipient of Preliminary Examination Fellowship in 2013, SPIE Optics and Photonics Scholarship in 2015, and Best Student Presentation Award at Photonics West 2016.

Date(s) - Mar 09, 2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

E-IV Tesla Room #53-125
420 Westwood Plaza - 5th Flr., Los Angeles CA 90095