Hamed Rahmani, a Ph.D. student, received an IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship of Medical Applications

Congratulations to Hamed Rahmani, a Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) for receiving an IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship for Medical Applications for 2019! Rahmani, a member of ECE Associate Professor Aydin Babakhani’s Integrated Sensors Laboratory (ISL), was recognized for his work in medical implants technology. In his application, Rahmani proposed a novel mm-Sized Wirelessly Powered CMOS Data Transceiver for Real-time Signal Acquisition and Closed-Loop Modulation of Human Brain Functions.

Rahmani will travel to Boston in June to be recognized for the achievement, which includes a certificate of recognition, the $6,000 fellowship, and travel reimbursement to the conference.