MS student at the Visual Machines Group, UCLA conferred with the Guru Krupa fellowship 2020

Chinmay is a second year masters student in ECE at UCLA, specializing in signals and systems. He is working with the visual machines group led by Prof. Achuta Kadambi for his masters thesis. He has worked on unsupervised physics discovery from videos, and devising an approach for imaging scenes with low intensity texture using polarization cues. This work has applications in a variety of domains like self driving, scientific discovery and industrial automation. His research endeavors have been graciously supported by the Guru Krupa fellowship award. He is grateful to the Guru Krupa foundation for the moral and financial support during his MS, which helped him to explore a variety of research problems for his thesis. This fellowship has reinforced his research ambitions, and he would like to institute a similar fellowship later in his career to promote research opportunities amongst UCLA students.