Postdoc Position in Real-Time Systems in Ntu, Singapore

Postdoc Position in Real-Time Systems in Ntu, Singapore

Position type: Postdoc (Research Fellow) for 1 year.

Salary range: Between S$4000 and S$6000 monthly depending on background and experience.

Expected qualifications: PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field. Research experience and interest in design and analysis of real-time scheduling algorithms is highly recommended.

Project description: With increasing functionality and automation in cyber-physical real-time systems, the computational demand is steadily increasing, while resources available for servicing this demand are limited due to size, weight and power restrictions. As a result a large-scale module integration trend has emerged, so that many different applications are being co-hosted on the same processing unit. Some of these functionalities are critical for the correct behaviour of the system as a whole, while some others only provide enhanced quality-of-service. Such systems are called mixed-criticality real-time systems. Scheduling of mixed-criticality real-time systems on processing units is recognized as one of the most important problems to be addressed, and it is the topic of focus in this project.

We plan to design and analyze new scheduling algorithms for mixed-criticality real-time systems on single- and multi-core processors. We also plan to investigate the interplay between mixed-criticality and hierarchical/compositional scheduling models. More details about the project can be found here.

In this position, you are expected to lead and manage a team of PhD students and research assistants. The PhD students will mainly contribute to algorithm design and analysis, while the research assistants will mainly be involved in testbed design and implementation. This position will provide good experience in managing research projects and staff, and will therefore be a good platform for an independent career in research.

If interested, please send an email along with a detailed CV to