[Guojie Luo accepted the Award on behalf of the group.]

Prof. Jason Cong and his former students Guojie Luo, Jie Wei, and Yan Zhang received the 10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award at 2017 Asia and South-Pacific Design Automation ASP-DAC’17 in Tokyo, Japan on Jan. 17, 2017 for their paper entitled “Thermal-Aware 3D IC Placement Via Transformation” published in ASP-DAC in d2007. Prof. Cong’s group also received another 10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award at ASP-DAC’2015 two years ago.

ASP-DAC 2017 is the twenty-second annual international conference on VLSI design automation in Asia and South Pacific region, one of the most active regions of design and fabrication of silicon chips in the world. The conference aims at providing the Asian and South Pacific CAD/DA and Design community with opportunities of presenting recent advances and with forums for future directions in technologies related to Electronic Design Automation (EDA). ASP-DAC cultivates and promotes interactions and presentations of novel ideas among EDA researchers/developers and system/circuit/device-level designers. It is attended by scientists, engineers, researchers, and students who are interested in theoretical and practical aspects of VLSI design and design automation worldwide.

ASP-DAC’17 website: www.aspdac.com/aspdac2017/