Senior Machine Learning Scientist Role at Vimaan Robotics

Vimaan Robotics Inc. has an open position for a Senior Machine Learning Scientist.

The job post is here: Details from the post are as follows:

The Company

Vimaan Robotics is a privately held technology company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Silicon Valley. Vimaan is driving a paradigm shift in the way computer vision is enabled and leveraged for inventory ] management in the supply chain and logistics industry. Vimaan’s proprietary SaaS based end-to-end solution provides comprehensive and real-time tracking of inventory movement and status within the warehouse; seamlessly integrates into existing legacy workflows and ecosystems; enables full autonomy and scalability; generates rich, actionable data for supply chain operators; and delivers dramatic monetary returns through cost savings and customer satisfaction improvement.

The company’s leadership team has a track record of founding and successfully exiting multiple companies. Vimaan is planning to soon emerge from stealth mode, but has already raised venture capital from blue chip Silicon Valley investors and has engagements with multiple Fortune 500 customers. The company has over 50 employees in various locations in the US and one location in Bengaluru, India.

Position Description

Vimaan is looking for a Senior Machine Learning Scientist to drive the development of foundational machine learning algorithms to power our cutting-edge end-to-end warehouse inventory tracking platform. This is a unique opportunity to exploit a treasure cove of unseen real-world data coming from a multi-camera perception system and develop large scale computer vision, deep learning, and other statistical models to build a product that creates a disproportionate value for warehouse industry. The role involves first principle thinking – from creating experiments, prototyping implementations and designing new machine learning algorithms to building for the largest scale. The position will be based in Santa Clara, CA.


The ideal candidate has the following attributes:

1. Ph.D. and publications in machine learning, AI, applied mathematics, data science, or related technical fields.

2. Research experience in developing new learning algorithms for one or more of computer vision tasks such as object detection, object tracking, instance segmentation, activity detection, depth estimation, optical flow, multi-view geometry, domain adaptation, adversarial and generative models etc., and representational learning with a varied amount of data – from a few samples to a very large dataset.

3. Deep mathematical foundations with knowledge of Advanced Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Topology, Numerical Optimization, Information theory, Graph Theory etc.

4. Deep insights into data characteristics and ability to map those to appropriate model architectures.

5. Strong programming skills and working experience with ML/DL frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pytorch etc.

6. Publications in top conferences such as CVPR, NeuRIPS, ICML, ICLR etc is a huge plus.

7. Experience working with inputs coming from multiple cameras and input modes is a plus.

8. Experience in AI Infrastructure, Machine Learning Accelerators, On-Device Optimization is a plus.

9. Highly motivated and passionate individual with a very strong work ethic, ability to work in a team and work independently under supervision and guidance in a matrix management environment

10. Ability to work in a fast paced, high pressure startup environment and adapt to rapidly changing requirements.