UCLA Engineering Graduate Student Develops Low-Cost Ventilator

UCLA electrical engineering graduate student Glen Meyerowitz is developing a low-cost ventilator in collaboration with medical professionals at UCLA Health. The device is a much simpler version of ventilators used at hospitals. It is designed to address specific COVID-19 symptoms such as the acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS.

“The COVID-19 crisis propelled me into action and in a matter of days, I went from knowing nothing about lungs or ventilators to discussing the technical and clinical requirements for mechanical ventilators with dozens of clinicians and medical professionals,” said Meyerowitz, who is also a UCLA Biodesign Fellow. “Within a week, I put together a functional proof of concept for a simplified ventilator designed around the need of COVID-19 patients.”

The prototype showed promising results and Meyerowitz has started working with companies on manufacturing a medical-grade design for testing at UCLA Health. Here is coverage of the prototype by Time, NBC4 and CBS2 in Los Angeles.