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Viswanathan, Chand R.

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vis.jpgChand R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Life Fellow, IEEE, 1995
IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award, 1997

Office: 66-127D Engr. IV, Phone: 310.825.5214, Email



Professor Viswanathan completed his undergraduate studies in India prior to coming to USA in 1957 for his graduate studies. He received his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in 1959 and 1964.He has been on the UCLA Electrical Engineering faculty since 1962 and retired in July 2006 as Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering. In the early sixties, he created the field of solid state electronics as a major field of study in electrical engineering. He developed the curriculum and established courses in solid state electronics. He served as the department chair of the Electrical Engineering department from 1979 to 1985. The department ranking jumped to 5 in the nation. He served as the chair of the UCLA Academic Senate in the 1997-98 academic year. He served as the vice-chair (2000-01) and the chair (20001-02) of the university-wide ten campus Academic Senate and a member of the UC Board of Regents as a Faculty Representative from 2000 to 2002.

Professor Viswanathan has received several national and international teaching and research awards such as Distinguished Teaching Award of the UCLA Academic Senate (1975), Westinghouse Award for excellence in teaching (1974), IEEE Undergraduate teaching excellence national award (1979), and IEEE centennial medal award for research contributions (1976), and IEEE Fellow.

His research area is physics and technology of semiconductor devices, low frequency noise in MOS devices, charge coupled devices, and thin oxide characteristics. He has published more than 150 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings and three book chapters. After his retirement from active service in 2006 he serves the university in his capacity as Distinguished Professor Emeritus continuing his teaching and research.

He has served as a consultant to several leading micro-electronics industries since 1962 such as Rockwell Industries, Hughes Aircraft Industries, AMD Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, Texas Instruments, Sematech and IBM Corporation in addition to several small and medium sized companies. For the last eight years he has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors of OSIS, a vertically integrated electronics and security inspection equipment manufacturing company. He has also conducted short courses in electronics in academic extension units, industries and national and international conferences.

Research Interests

Professor Viswanathan has been very active in research in the area of physics and technology of semiconductor devices. His research interests include low temperature electronics, thin oxide integrity, device characterization, defect studies and VLSI technology. Projects that he has been involved in include: characterization of MOS devices at cryogenictemperatures, low frequency noise in focal plane arrays used for IR imaging, semiconductor device processing, plasma etch damage, and silicon-on-insulator devices.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 1998 Stevenson Award for Outstanding Faculty-in-Residence
  • 1997 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • 1995 Life Fellow, IEEE
  • 1986 Distinguished National Lecturer
  • 1984 IEEE Centennial Medal and Certificate
  • 1981 Distinguished Faculty Award
  • 1981 Fellow, IEEE
  • 1975 Outstanding Educator of America
  • 1974 Western Electric Fund Award
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