2016 – 2017 Broadcom Fellowship Recipients

UCLA Electrical Engineering and The Broadcom Foundation are proud to announce the new cohort of Broadcom Fellows. The Selection Committee selected six students based on proposed research projects which showed the most innovative technology research concept.

This year’s Fellows are:

A 40GHz CDR-less RF-based wireline transceiver with embedded reference clock
Chien-Heng Wong (Advisor: Chang)
A dual-loop wide-bandwidth fractional-n synthesizer with ultra-low sigma-delta quantization noise
Dihang Yang (Advisor: Abidi)
An 8-PAM/64-QAM multi-band serial link with energy efficient cancellation of inter-band interferences
Jieqiong Du (Advisor: Chang)
Fast start-up programmable clock sources
Hani Esmaeelzadeh (Advisor: Pamarti)
Hardware accelerator for simultaneous, real-time neuronal recording of large ensembles for brain imaging
Dejan Rozgic (Advisor: Markovic)
Implantable neural recording front-ends for next-generation neuro-modulation systems
Hari Chandrakumar (Advisor: Markovic)